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Documents for the Family History of Giuseppantonio IACOVELLI (1895-1929) of Gambatesa, Molise, Italy, and his Ancestors back to the 1700s

Table of Contents

From Italian government Archives

From the Family's Archives

Historical Background and Glossary

List of the Family's 22 Known Surnames

Note: the Surnames on the list are linked to transcriptions of the Italian Civil Register.  The Family Tree below is linked to the same information.

The Family Tree of Giuseppantonio Iacovelli

[The Iacovelli family tree charts in the old format still exist.]

Italian Civil Register Records

The records are arranged alphabetically by Family Name, and within families arranged from Oldest to Youngest, for the most part translated into English.

Women are listed under, what in English would be called, their maiden names (Note that an Italian woman kept her father's surname all her life).  Marriage records will be found under the surname of the husband.  An asterisk (*) in front of a name indicates direct-line of descent.


These records were mostly drawn from microfilm copies of the Stato Civile ("Civil Registration records") from 1809-1910 of Gambatesa (which include copies of related church documents from circa 1750-1808) stored in the Archivo di Stato ("State Archives") of the Province of Campobasso, Italy.

Travel Companion to this Iacovelli Family History

With a map of central southern Italy showing the places named in this history.

Italian to English Vocabulary

This glossary is intended to help with reading Italian Civil Register records.

List of the Family's Given (or First) Names

There are fifteen unique men's names and seventeen unique women's names.

Gambatesa on the map of Italy, 2 KB
Gambatesa is a village in central southern Italy between Naples and Rome.

Village History Background:

Gambatesa: Fragments of History and of Art by Salvatore Abiuso, with the collaboration of Palmiro Di Maria, an English language translation with photographs and sketch maps.  (There are links on this page to many other pages on this site about Gambatesa.)

Gambatesa is a comune ("township" or "borough" or "municipality") in the Province of Campobasso, Region of Molise, Italy; a comune is both a village and its agricultural territory, and a paese ("native land").

The Iacovelli family is one of the oldest families in Gambatesa, and it may well be related to all the other families in Gambatesa.

Family Photographs and Documents

Giuseppantonio Iacovelli of Gambatesa and Giuseppe Iacovelli of Sant'Elia a Pianisi; photograph and a few family stories.

Italian Cowboys from Gambatesa, in the City of Camden, circa 1927-1928; photographs showing Giuseppantonio Iacovelli (1895-1929), Donato Mastrobuono (1889-1968), and perhaps Salvadore Valente (1889-1960).

The Italian passport of Giuseppantonio Iacovelli of Gambatesa, from 1912, cover and first page.

Giuseppe Iacovelli and his wife Pasqualina DiRenzo of Gambatesa; photograph from their honeymoon in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  They were married on 10 May 1923 at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church in the City of Camden.

The Ship Passenger Arrival Record for Giuseppantonio Iacovelli, New York, 12 November 1912, with an image of the S.S. Duca di Genova.

Nicola Iacovelli (1924-1931), a photograph of the first son of Giuseppantonio Iacovelli and Pasqualina DiRenzo, and his baby sister Giuseppina, Brooklyn, 1929.

Pasqualina DiRenzo with their two Daughters, at 311 Royden Street, Camden, New Jersey, in the 1940s, during World War Two; there is a "SERVICE OVERSEAS" star in the window next door.  With a recipe from memory for Italian Drinking Biscuits (Biscotti con le uova).

The Ship Passenger Arrival Record for Pasqualina DiRenzo, the wife of Giuseppantonio Iacovelli, New York, 9 October 1920, with an image of the S.S. Dante Alighieri.

Pasqualina DiRenzo and Louis Valente at the Marconi Memorial, New York World's Fair, 1939; Louis (Luigi) Valente was the second son of Pasqualina's sister Nunziata.

World War I Selective Service Registration Card of Giuseppantonio Iacovelli, 5 June 1917, City of Camden, New Jersey; with a brief account of the other Iacovelli living at 412 South 3rd Street in Camden.

Letter from Salvatore D'alessandro to his godmother Maria Vittoria d'Alessandro in America, 17 May 1945. Like an envelope sent by Salvatore's son Felice to Pasqualina Iacovelli, the envelope of this letter shows that it passed through "Military Censorship - Civil Mails".

In memoriam: Philomena Iacovelli Mazzarella (1926-2012).

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