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Sant'Angelo d'Alife in the Diocese of Alife

The map below shows Sant'Angelo d'Alife within the outline of the Diocese of Alife; it also shows as part of the Diocese of Cerreto Sannita and part of the Diocese of Benevento. The Diocese of Alife lies in the Province of Caserta in the northwestern corner of the Region of Campania. To the north of the diocese lies the Region of Molise; to the west lies the Region of Lazio; and to the east is Campania's Province of Benevento.
  On the map below, provincial borders are indicated by lines composed of dashes separated by two dots; the diocese borders are indicated by fainter lines composed of dots only.

Map showing Sant'Angelo d'Alife within the outline of the Diocese of Alife, 8 KB

Map Source: based on a map found in the 1951 edition of the Yearbook of the Dioceses of Italy (Annuario delle diocesi d'Italia), Marietti Editori Ltd., 1951. Sant'Angelo d'Alife is not shown on that book's map but has been added here as "S.Angelo".

Diocesan Statistics from the 1951 Yearbook

The Diocese of Alife, in the Metropolitan of Benevento, contained 12 townships (comuni), all within the Province of Caserta. Of the 30,550 inhabitants of the Diocese of Benevento, seven were not Roman Catholics.

Diocesi: ALIFE. Benevento metropolitano. Comuni 12. Abitanti 30.550 (catt. 30.543)

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Parishes within the Diocese of Alife

Vicariati Foranei II (Vicariates Forane)

S. Angelo di Alife (CE).

Parish: S[anta]. Maria della Valle (Our Lady of the Valley, 8 September)
Abitanti (Inhabitants) 1900 - anno 1100 (Year 1100 [apparently when this parish was founded]). Nati (Births) 47. Battezzati (Baptisms) 47. Prime Comunioni (First Communions) 51. Cresime (Confirmations) 22. Matrimoni (Marriages) 19. Estreme Unzioni (Extreme Unctions) 8. Defunti (Deaths) 10.
  Religious Communities (Comunità religiose): Nursery school (Sisters of Mary Immaculate) (Asilo (Sr. Ancelle [Sr. = Suora, Sorella = Sister ; Ancelle = sing. ancella: (lett.) handmaid, (rel.) sister] di Maria Immacolata) 5).

Parish: S[an]. Bartolomeo (Saint Bartholomew [the Apostle], 24 August)
Ab. 700 - a. 1100. Nt 18. Bt 3. PCm ... Cr 1. Mtr 3. EU 1. Df 9.

Parish: S. Nicola di Bari (Saint Nicholas of Bari, 6 December)
Ab. 650 - a. 1600. Nt 3. Bt 18. PCm 22. Cr 2. Mtr 7. EU 7. Df 2.

Comune: S. Angelo di Alife (Ce).
=S. Maria della Valle (8 Sett.)
Ab. 1900 - anno 1100. Nt 47. Bt 47. PCm 51. Cr 22. Mtr 19. EU 8. Df 10.
Comunità religiose: Asilo (Sr. Ancelle di Maria Immacolata 5).
=S. Bartolomeo (24 Ag.)
Ab. 700 - a. 1100. Nt 18. Bt 18. PCm 22. Cr 2. Mtr 7. EU 7. Df 9.
=S. Nicola di Bari (6 Dic.)
Ab. 650 - a. 1600. Nt 3. Bt 3. PCm ... Cr 1. Mtr 3. EU 1. Df 2.


The Diocese of Larino does not appear on the above map; its territory lies farther to the northeast, toward the Adriatic Sea.

The Diocese of Larino contained 18 townships: 16 in the Province of Campobasso, and 2 in the Province of Foggia. The number of Catholic inhabitants of the diocese was 68,000.

Diocesi: LARINO. Comuni 18, 16 Campobasso, 2 Foggia. Ab.=catt. 68.000

Parishes within the Diocese of Larino

Parrocchie Suburbane (Suburban Parishes)

S. Martino in Pensilis (CB). S. Pietro Apost[olo]. (Saint Peter the Apostle, 29 June)
Ab. 6525 (acattolici (non-Catholics) 8) Collegiata (collegiate church). Collegial chapter (Capitolo collegiale):
Nt 155. Bt 150. PCm 132. Cr 148. Mtr 59. EU 45. Df 59.
  Religious Communities (Comunità religiose): Sisters of Charity (Sr. di Carità) 5.
  Church (Chiesa): S. Giuseppe (Saint Joseph)

Comune: S. Martino in Pensilis (Cb).
=S. Pietro Apost. (29 Giu.)
Ab. 6525 (acattolici 8) Collegiata
Capitolo collegiale:
Nt 155. Bt 150. PCm 132. Cr 148. Mtr 59. EU 45. Df 59.
Comunità religiose: Sr. di Carità 5.
Chiesa: S. Giuseppe

Source: Annuario delle diocesi d'Italia. Marietti Editori Ltd. 1951.

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