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Photographs of Gambatesa's Medieval Castle

Gambatesa's Castello Medioevale, which in the Middle Ages had been a Castle-fortress but was transformed into a Renaissance Castle-palace in the 16th Century.

The Castle of Gambatesa, 22 KB

* The original edition of GAMBATESA prov. Campobasso ... frammenti di storia e di arte (circa 1995) carried this acknowledgment: "Thanks is given to the administration of the Archbishop of Campobasso (la Curia Arcivescovile di Campobasso) and the Department for Archaeology and for Historical Architectural Properties of Molise (la Sovrintendenza Archeologica e per i Beni Architettonici Artistici e Storici del Molise) for authorizing the publication of the photos."

The Castle of Gambatesa (as seen from the northeast) with the Church of San Bartolomeo Apostolo.

The Castle of Gambatesa seen from the northeast, 29 KB

Image Source: detail from the cover of the book Intervento nello centro storico di Gambatesa (1978-1980) by Giuseppe D'Amico (2010).

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