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Traveler's Companion for Map of Central Southern Italy that shows the Places named in the Family History of Giuseppantonio IACOVELLI (1895-1929) of Gambatesa

This companion was written to be compared with the big map of central southern Italy.

Abbreviations used on this page:
AV = Province of Avellino, Region of Campania
BN = Province of Benevento, Region of Campania
CB = Province of Campobasso, Region of Molise
FG = Province of Foggia, Region of Puglia

The altitudes given on this page are the height above sea level of the Casa comunale of the village or town.

Population numbers are from the Italian Census of 1991.

Travel Companion for Documents for Iacovelli Family History

Gambatesa on the map of central southern Italy, 2 KB

To find Gambatesa (CB) (Gambatesa - its History and Art), Region of Molise, on the big map above, begin in the upper right corner at Termoli and go south half the way to Benevento; or go two-thirds of the way from Foggia to Campobasso. Gambatesa was the village of origin of the d'ADDARIO, GENOVESE, IACOVELLI, IADAROLA, and MONFORTE ancestors of Giuseppantonio Iacovelli.

Note: in Gambatesa there are many, many families named "Iacovelli"; however, it is not possible using the Civil Registers of Gambatesa to demonstrate whether or not all these families are related.


Going East from Gambatesa involves crossing the border from Molise and entering the Region of Puglia. Castelnuovo della Daunia (FG) was the birthplace in 1803 of Maria Nicola LOMBARDI, the paternal grandmother of Giuseppantonio Iacovelli, and the place of death of her father Tomaso. (Population: 1,991)

Just to the Southeast of Castelnuovo is the village of Pietramontecorvino (FG). This was the place of death in 1816 of Arcangela PICCIRILLO, although her children were born in Castelnuovo where she lived with her husband Tomaso LOMBARDI. (Population: 3,111)


Going a little to the Southwest of Gambatesa, Riccia (CB) was the village of origin of the FANELLI and di PAOLA ancestors of Giuseppantonio Iacovelli. (Population: 6,176)

Farther to the South of Gambatesa, in the Region of Campania, Santa Croce del Sannio (BN) lies close to the town of Morcone (presso Morcone). It was the village of origin of the ALTIERI-1, CAPOZZI, di MARIA, and d'UVA ancestors of Giuseppantonio Iacovelli, ancestors shared with both Giovanni VALENTE and Nunziata DiRENZO, and with Donato Luciano ABIUSO. (Population: 1,166)

Still farther to the South, the village of Montefusco (AV) was the birthplace in 1771 of Tomaso LOMBARDI. Tomaso died in 1811 at Castelnuovo della Duania (FG) where he lived with his wife Arcangela PICCIRILLO on the street called Il piano della Maddalena (Mary Magdalene), although Arcangela died five years later at Castelnuovo's neighboring town of Pietramontecorvino. (Population of Montefusco: 1,636)

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