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Summary of the Pubblicazioni ("civil wedding banns") of
Michele FUSCHINO and Luisa CHIATTO of Vinchiaturo, Italy

On 26 February 1887 at 11:20 A.M. Michele Fuschino and Luisa Chiatto presented themselves before the principal official of the civil register (sindaco), Pasquale Martino, in the Town Hall (Casa comunale) of Vinchiaturo to request that he prepare marriage banns for them.  The spouses:

(1)  Michele Fuschino, age 26, occupation stone worker (scalpellino), born and resident in Vinchiaturo; son of the deceased (fu) Antonio Fuschino, farmer (contadino), resident in life at Vinchiaturo, and of the living Rosa Pistillo, farmer's wife (contadina), resident at Vinchiaturo.

(2)  Luisa Chiatto, age 20, contadina, born and resident in Vinchiaturo; daughter of the living Francesco Chiatto, contadino, resident in America, and of the deceased Lucia Marinelli, contadina, resident in Vinchiaturo.

The witnesses (testimoni): Giuseppe Tarizzo, age 66, servant (servente), and Donato Pietromonaro, age 40, servant, both resident at Vinchiaturo.

The documents presented by the spouses to the sindaco: the birth certificates of both spouses; the death certificates of the groom's father and of the bride's mother.  The bride's father gave his consent to the marriage, as shown by the certificate (atto) drawn up by the Royal Consular Agent dated 29 January 1887, duly authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on 21 February 1887.  (Il padre della sposa presta il consenso ... come risulta dal atto stipulato dal Regio Agente Consolare in data ventinove Gennaio ultimo, debitamente autenticato dal Ministero degli Affari Esteri ai ventuno corrente Febbraio.)

The document the sindaco prepared was signed by all those present (groom, witnesses, sindaco) except the bride, she having stated that she did not know how to write (avendo detto la sposa di non sapere scrivere).

The first of the banns was posted on the door of the Town Hall of Vinchiaturo continuously from Sunday 27 February 1887, until the second of the banns was posted there on 6 March 1887 and remained there until 10 March 1887.

Source: Vinchiaturo Pubblicazioni  Year 1887 no. 9, microfilm copy of the original civil register in the State Archives of Campobasso, Italy.

Note: such words as pubblicazioni and contadino are defined in the Italian-English Family History Glossary of this Web site.

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