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"Vinchiaturo - Historical Notes

"Vinchiaturo, one of the 136 townships (comuni) of the present Province of Molise, lies right in the heart of the Italian peninsula, in the most northern part of the Mezzogiorno (southern Italy).  The town (i.e. the township's inhabited center) is located at an altitude above sea level of 2,060 feet.

The landscape of Vinchiaturo, Molise, Italy, in winter, 39 KB


"The Pass or Saddle of Vinchiaturo (at 1,818 feet) is a famous pass of the Campanian Apennines, between the valleys of the Biferno and Tammaro Rivers.  It divides the Central Apennines from the Southern.

"The township has about 3,000 inhabitants [2,625 according to the 1991 Italian National Census].  Its territory looks rather flat, even considering its nonetheless hilly appearance.

The town of Vinchiaturo, Molise, Italy, 29 KB


"The countryside of Vinchiaturo is dominated by the parish Church of the Holy Cross (Chiesa parrocchiale di Santa Croce), located in the high part of the town.  The church is neoclassical in style.  Its facade is realized in local stone, as is its four-story bell tower of which the ground story is of square design and its top three stories are octagonal.

"In the main piazza of the town, Municipal Piazza, is the Fountain of the Lions (Fontana dei Leoni), where four lions, arranged on four plinths around the main basin, make the water come out.

Historical photograph of the Fountain of the Four Lions, Vinchiaturo, Molise, Italy, 72 KB

Fontana dei 4 Leoni

"In the territory of the township of Vinchiaturo, on the height called La Rocca, at an altitude of 3,281 feet, are found the ruins of one of the oldest churches in the Province of Molise.  This church was originally part of a monastery and had three naves in the romanesque style; now only part of the central apse, traces of the rectory and of the external walls survive.

"There are many examples of rural architecture and of urban building in stone in Vinchiaturo.  They offer themselves as examples of the art of stone-working practiced there in years gone by."

Text and Images Sources

The text is my summary translation of Notizie storiche from the Italian web page "Vinchiaturo On Line" (vinchiaturonline.com/info_turistiche.htm) as it existed in January 1998.  It bore this copyright notice: Progetto a cura del Centro Informatico Multimediale © 1997/98 Tutti i diritti riservati.

The Fountain of the Four Lions, Vinchiaturo, Molise, Italy, 58 KB

Fontana dei Leoni

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