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Bibliography for Wittgenstein's Logic of Language

These are the titles, with their abbreviations to the left, of many of the sources for the ideas and methods of Wittgenstein's Logic of Language by Robert [Wesley] Angelo. But many other sources are named only in the text itself.

BB The Blue and Brown Books [ca. 1933-35], 2nd ed. Oxford: 1969.
CV Culture and Value ["Miscellaneous Remarks" 1914-51], tr. Winch. Oxford: 1980. The expanded text and revised translation is referred to in my text as: CV (1998 rev. ed.) [Manuscript number].
LC Lectures & Conversations on Aesthetics [ca. 1938], Psychology [ca. 1942-46] and Religious Belief [ca. 1938], ed. Barret. Oxford: 1966.
LE Lecture on Ethics [ca. 1929-1930], with "Notes on Talks with Wittgenstein" [1929-1930] by Friedrich Waismann, tr. Max Black, (LE/Notes), in the journal Philosophical Review, lxxiv (1965).
OC On Certainty [ca. 1950-51], reprint with corrections, tr. Paul and Anscombe. Oxford: 1969.
PG Philosophical Grammar [ca. 1933-34], tr. Kenny. Oxford: 1974.
PI Philosophical Investigations [ca. 1945-49], 3rd ed., tr. Anscombe. Oxford: 1967.
RPP Remarks on the Philosophy of Psychology, Vol. I [ca. 1946-47], tr. Anscombe; Vol. II [1947-8], tr. Luckhardt and Aue. Oxford: 1980.
TLP Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus ["Logical-philosophical Treatise"], tr. Ogden, 1922; tr. Pears & McGuinness, rev. 1971.
WLFM Wittgenstein's Lectures on the Foundations of Mathematics, Cambridge, 1939, ed. Diamond. Ithaca: 1976.
Z Zettel ["Slips of Paper" ca. 1929-48], tr. Anscombe. Oxford: 1967. (2nd English ed. Oxford: 1981.)
G.E. MOORE (1873-1958)
PP "Wittgenstein's Lectures in 1930-33", in Moore's Philosophical Papers. London: 1959.
PAUL ENGELMANN (1891-1965)
Letters from Ludwig Wittgenstein, with a Memoir [ca. 1916-37], ed. McGuinness [Appendix with Wittgenstein's letter to Ficker, ca. 1919], tr. Furtmüller. Oxford: 1967. Note: this book is referred to as Memoir in my text.
M. O'C. DRURY (1907-1976)
DW The Danger of Words. London, and, New York: 1973.

"Some Notes on Conversations with Wittgenstein" and "Conversations with Wittgenstein" [ca. 1929-51], in Recollections of Wittgenstein, ed. Rhees. Oxford: 1984. Note: this book is referred to as Recollections in my text.

"Fact and Hypothesis", Drury's reply to a review of his book The Danger of Words, in the journal The Human World, Volumes 15-16 (1974), p. 136-139.

"Letters to a Student of Philosophy" [written in 1954], ed. Desmond Lee, in the journal Philosophical Investigations, Volume 6 (1983), pp. 76-102, 159-174; with a letter Drury wrote to Rush Rhees in May 1966.

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