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Schlectweg Family Death Records

The death records of Andreas Schlectweg, his wife Mary Jane and their sons Charles and Samuel. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Parish Register of
Saint Jacobus
German Lutheran Church

Circa 1855-circa 1954
3rd Street & Columbia Avenue
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Deaths 1891

Parish Resister Vol. 2, Page 434, No. 757

Datum: 21. Aug [1891]
Name: Schlechtweg Andreas
sterb. [sterben, died]: 18. Aug [1891]
Geboren [born]: 10. Mai 1836 [in] Gehaws. bai [near] Vacha
Alter [age]: 55.3.8
Gottesacker [churchyard]: Glenwood

Source: Records held at the Lutheran Archives Center in Krauth Memorial Library, Lutheran Theological Seminary, Philadelphia.

Obituary for Andreas-Schlectweg

Newspaper obituary for Andreas-Schlectweg, 20 KB

Source: The Philadelphia Inquirer (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), 21 August 1891, Friday, page 6.

Glenwood Memorial Gardens

Broomall, Delaware County, Pennsylvania
Section P, Lot No. 333, 3rd Grave
(There is no marker on the grave)

Buried Name Age
23 June 1887 Mary Schlectweg 50 y.
21 August 1891 Andrew Schlectweg 55 y.
13 May 1897 Samuel Schlectweg 30 y.
16 January 1898 Charles Schlectweg 36 y.

Map of Glenwood Memorial Gardens cemetery, Broomall, Pennsylvania, 20 KB

Removed March 1924 from Section D, Lot No. 81, Samuel and Charles from 1st grave, Mary and Andrew from 4th grave.

Source: Mrs. McCarthy - Glenwood Memorial Gardens, September 1995.

Old Glenwood Cemetery Register

Mrs. Mary Schlectweg, age 50, died 20 June 1887, interment 23 June 1887, native of Ireland, resided in Philadelphia 1342 Howard, disease Peritonitis fol[lo]w[in]g Gastric Ulceration, physician Journan, Order No. 18092, issued 23 June 1887 to Henry Schneider.

Andrew Schlectweg, age 55, died 18 August 1891, native of Germany, resided no. 1342 Howard Street, disease Sclerosis Hepatic, physician #3905, Order No. 22085, issued 19 August 1891 to Henry Schneider.

Samuel Slackway, age 30, died 10 May 1897, native of Pennsylvania, resided no. 1411 Marlborough Street, disease Lead Poisoning, physician #24007, Order No. 26407, issued 11 May 1897 to James R. Irons.

Charles Slackway, age 36, died 12 January 1898, native of Pennsylvania, resided no. 109 Jefferson Street, disease Nephritis, physician #13391, Order No. 26827, issued 14 January 1898 to Henry Schneider.

Source: Mrs. McCarthy - Glenwood Memorial Gardens, September 1995.

Important Note: Glenwood Cemetery Glenwood Memorial Gardens. Glenwood Cemetery was in North Philadelphia and began burials in 1850, but the city forced it to close and its graves were transferred outside the city to Broomall, Delaware County, although this was not until 1938. Thus anyone buried in Glenwood before February 1924 had to have originally been buried in Philadelphia at Ridge Avenue and 27th Street, because the Broomall location did not open until that date.

Philadelphia City Archives

Death Register 1891

Reel 26 Vol. B, Page 96, [Line 10] No. 3905

Name of Deceased: Andrew Schlectweg
Ward 17
Street and No.: 1342 Howard
Color: white
Sex: male
Age: 55y
Condition: married
Date of Death: Aug 18 (1891)
Cause of Death: Hepatic Sclerosis
Attending Physician: F.L. Drueding
Occupation of Deceased: [Painter]*
Where Born: Germany
Date of Burial: Aug 21 (1891)
Place of Burial: Glenwood

*[] may belong to No. 3904.

Date of Registration: August 22, 1891.

Return of a Death
in the City of Philadelphia

Physician's Certificate

, 52 KB

1. Name of Deceased, Mrs Mary J Schlectway Schlechtweg
2. Color, White
3. Sex, Female
4. Age, 58 years
5. Married or Single, Married
6. Date of Death, 6 - 21 - 87
7. Cause of Death, Peritonitis following Gastric Idiopath

J.P. Strittmatter M.D.
Residence, 999 N 6th St.

Undertaker's Certificate in Relation to Deceased

8. Occupation,
9. Place of Birth, Ireland
10. When a Minor,
  Name of Father,
  Name of Mother
11. Ward, 17
12. Street and Number, 1342 Howard St.
13. Date of Burial, June 23 / 87
14. Place of Burial, Glenwood

Henry Schneider, Undertaker.
Residence, 1739 []

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