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Ponte dei 13 Archi, Gambatesa

Bridge of the 13 Arches, Gambatesa, 22 KB

This is an edited image of an old postcard photograph (circa 1960) of the Ponte dei 13 Archi ("Bridge of the 13 Arches").  The original postcard belonged to Nunziata DiRenzo (1897-1983).  (There is nothing printed on the back of the postcard.)

The Bridge of the 13 Arches crosses over the Fortore River just to the northeast of Gambatesa; it lies on the ancient road through the village, Via Appulo-Sannitica, that connected the provincial capital cities of Campobasso and Foggia.  (Now the recently built provincial roadway S. 645 passes over the bridge at the recently created Lago di Occhito.)

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