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Vittoria and Angelina Valente
at 337 Berkley Street,
Camden, circa 1929

Vittoria and Angelina Valente, circa 1929, 27 KB

When Giovanni Valente's younger brother Salvadore visited the Valente family in Camden, New Jersey, Giovanni's daughter Vittoria Donata (b. 1925) spoke the Italian dialect of her parents' village of Gambatesa and sang Italian songs. Salvadore had her sit next to him at meals; he called her a nin (in Italian, la bambina, I think).

This photograph was taken to send to Salvadore after he returned to Italy. Vittoria Donata is standing next to her sister Angelina Serafina (1928-2013). She has a sour face because she had thought that she was going to visit her uncle in Italy, not just have her photograph taken to send to him.

The name of the professional photographer who composed this photograph is unknown. The pattern beneath the children is worn linoleum and bare wood. Neither the house at 337 Berkley Street nor its floor any longer exists.

On the back of the photograph is printed "POST CARD" and "= AZO =".

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