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Nunziata DiRenzo's childhood home - Gambatesa - Back View

The house at No. 39 Via Serrone where Nunziata DiRenzo (1897-1983) lived as a childhood, before she came to America when she was 15 years old. This is that door at that bottom of the stairwell down from Via Serrone.

Old doorway to the DiRenzo house, Gambatesa, 30 KB

The small entrance in the door for the cat (Cats used to be very important in Gambatesa both domestically in the village and on the farms in the countryside).

The cat's doorway, 9 KB

The view from the bottom of the stairwell, looking upwards (The rough stone house is the DiRenzo house).

The back of the DiRenzo house, 29 KB

Photographs by Angelo Abiuso, 19 July 2006, 8 AM.

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