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Giovanni Valente and his Second Oldest Grandchild

Giovanni Valente (1887-1965) and his oldest son's daughter in the backyard of 520 Mickle Street, Camden, New Jersey.  Late 1950s.

Giovanni Valente and his second oldest grandchild, Camden, New Jersey, late 1950s, 18 KB

Giovanni Valente and his wife Nunziata DiRenzo had twenty-two grandchildren.  As in the photograph above, Giovanni Valente always held the children's hand when photographs were taken, or when he took the children to the park to feed the ducks, or to the store.  And he always addressed the grandchildren as "grandpop", something which they never understood.  "You gotta go to school, grandpop."

In Gambatesa he would say: "Su, a nonno, devi andare a scuola."  It is a strange way to talk they use at Gambatesa.  It is like: "Please do it for me (grandpop), do it for grandpop."  (Note by Angelo Abiuso, our cousin in Geneva)

Nunziata DiRenzo used to address her grandchildren as "grandmom".  She would lean her head to one side and say, "You gotta eat, grandmom."

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