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Salvadore Valente of Gambatesa

Salvatore Valente (1889-1960), or according to his his birth record Salvadore, was the younger brother of Giovanni Valente. This is the photograph from his gravestone.

Salvadore Valente's gravestone photograph, 30 KB

Salvatore Valente, Foglio matricolare 26627 (serial number 26627), fought in many wars, starting from the Italian-Turkish one ("Turkish War", a colonial war 1911-1912, actually the Libyan war) to the one at the Piave River in World War One. He was replaced by his brother Giovanni, serial # 23269, only for a short while. Salvatore belonged also to the 243 Reggimento Fanteria ["Infantry Regiment"] awarded for fighting at the Piave River. (Communication of 22 March 2011 from A.M. in Treviso, Veneto, via S.W.)

Salvatore visited Camden, America, circa 1927-1928. And maybe there is a photograph from that visit.

Salvatore and his wife Concetta Scocca had two sons, Nicola and Pasquale. Pasquale visited his uncle Giovanni in Camden, New Jersey. Salvatore wanted Giovanni and their older brother Donato Valente to sponsor the immigration of his sons to America. But Donato told Giovanni, "What if we get a bum who doesn't want to work", and Giovanni, because he was very traditional in his thinking, did what his older brother told him to do rather than whatever he himself thought best (cf. "My brother says you can't go").

Photograph by Angelo Abiuso, 23 July 2007 at 17:08 hrs at Gambatesa's cemetery, when there was much glare from the sun.

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