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The House of Donato Valente and the Church of San Nicola

Two photographs by Angelo Abiuso (Geneva), 3 August 2002 at 11:30 AM

The House of Donato Valente

The old house of Donato Valente, Vicolo di San Nicola, Gambatesa, 30 KB

The house to the left in the photograph above -- the doorway with the white arch -- once belonged to Luca Valente's brother Donato (who emigrated to Rochester, New York).  It later belonged to Luca's son Francesco Valente, who set up a store there.  The shop still exists, although it closed long ago.  The door is opened by an old-fashioned key, the length of the palm of your hand.  The shop sold pasta and everything women needed for the house, stockings, things to fix clothing with, ink and paper for the school boys, and school books.  It was a kind of haberdasher's shop or notions store.

One the second floor of this house, there is a niche beside the window; here they used to put a statue of the Madonna.  The second floor did not belong to Francesco Valente.  (You can tell who owns which house -- or floor of a house -- by looking at the paint.  Everyone paints when they want to; people don't agree to do things at the same time.)

The photograph above shows the front of the house whose side is seen in the top photograph of the old Valente house in Via San Nicola.  It is the house in the lower left corner.

The white street sign on the houses says VICOLO DI S NICOLA ("Saint Nicholas Lane").

Location of these photographs ...

  1. Entering Gambatesa from the southeast (the road that leads to the cemetery) and looking towards the Church of San Nicola, these are the first houses in Via San Nicola.
  2. This is the house of Donato Valente and later of his nephew Francesco Valente in Vicolo di San Nicola ("Saint Nicholas Lane").

    Map showing the location in Gambatesa of this page's photographs, 3 KB

  3. Two photographs of the old Valente house in Via San Nicola.
  4. This is the view looking toward the front of the Church of San Nicola and down Via San Nicola to Vicolo di San Nicola.
  5. The Church of and Monastery of Saint Nicholas (Chiesa e monastero di San Nicola).

The above map is based on the Street map of the village center of Gambatesa.  This map is the lower right corner, marked number 11, of that map.

The Church of San Nicola

The Church of San Nicola, Gambatesa, 30 KB

Note: most of the lower left side of the original photograph was damaged by automobiles and had to be replaced with fantasia ("creative imagination"), but the present image is not far from the truth.

In front of the Church of Saint Nicholas is the Cross of Saint Nicholas.  To the left of the church is its old monastery.  After the monastery closed, this building was used for a private school.  That school later closed, and now the building has been for many years under restoration.

The street that runs down the middle of this photograph is Gambatesa's Via San Nicola ("Saint Nicholas Street").  To the right of the church is the old Valente house in Via San Nicola.

At the bottom of the little incline, Via San Nicola intersects with Vicolo San Nicola ("Saint Nicholas Lane").  The old house of Donato Valente is only just visible: you can see the white VICOLO DI S NICOLA street sign from the top photograph on this page.

The hill in the background is named Colle della Guardia.

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