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Document Stamps used in the Civil Register of Sant'Angelo d'Alife

S.Angelo Alife municipal stamp: Santangiolo Raviscanina, 5 KB S.Angelo Alife municipal stamp: Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, 8 KB S.Angelo Alife municipal stamp: Kingdom of Italy, 6 KB

From the Left to Right ...

Comune di Santangiolo Raviscanina, the stamp used during the "French Decade" of Napoleonic rule (1806-1815).

Ferdinando II Re del Regno delle due Sicilie - Comune di Sant'Angelo Raviscanina, a stamp used during the restored Bourbon Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, specifically during the reign of Ferdinand II (1830-1859).

Vittorio Emmanuele Re d'Italia - Comune di S. Angelo a Raviscanina, the stamp used the during the reign of Victor Emmanuel II, King of Italy (1861-1878).

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