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Sant'Angelo d'Alife - Municipio, Castello, Panorama

"Sant'Angelo is a nice town, no hotel, no restaurants, just a few hundred families living a good life.

The Town Hall of Sant'Angelo d'Alife, 26 KB

"The municipio, or, town hall, of Sant'Angelo d'Alife, where the records of birth, death, marriage are kept, your family and mine.

The Castle of Rupecanina, 21 KB

"The Norman castle, the reason Sant'Angelo was founded.  [Origins of Sant'Angelo d'Alife.]

Sant'Angelo d'Alife, panorama, 29 KB

"The town of Sant'Angelo d'Alife as seen from the Castle of Rupecanina."

Photographs and notes by Bill Sheffield (Easter 2007)

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