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The Costume of Sant'Angelo d'Alife, 1800, 1818

For the black-and-white drawing the caption reads: Donna di S. Angelo Ravis Canina della Provincia di Terra di Lavoro nel Regno di Napoli. This is from 1800.

Costume, S. Angelo Alife, black and white drawing, 13 KBCostume, S. Angelo Alife, color drawing, 18 KB

For the color drawing the caption reads: Paysanne de S.t Angelo a Roy.me de Naples. This is from 1818.

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Compare: the traditional costume of the village of Gambatesa, which is across the border from Caserta Province in the Province of Molise. Gambatesa is only about 57 km [34 miles] northeast of Sant'Angelo d'Alife as the crow flies, yet how different the dress is. Maybe this is because there is a mountain range between Campania and Molise, which the Canadian historian Nicholson referred to as "the great Matese barrier". The contrast is as between the national dress of different countries.

Source: images courtesy of Massimo Rega.

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