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The Steamship Werra

The S.S. Werra brought Raffaele Angelillo (1888-1965) of Sant'Angelo d'Alife to America. The Werra arrived at the Port of New York on 6 May 1901 having left Naples on 20 April 1901.

The Steamship Werra, 46 KB

The S.S. Werra was a steamship of the North German Lloyd line and was commissioned in 1882 ("Werra" is the name of a river in central Germany that borders the old German states of Hesse and Thuringia). Raffaele Angelillo was 12 years, 9 months old when he sailed from Italy to America in 1901, apparently not knowing anyone else on board. He came from Sant'Angelo d'Alife to the port of Naples, and from there sailed to New York, where his father Nicola came to bring Raffaele to live with him in Bristol Borough, Pennsylvania. Raffaele's older brother Michele was already living there.

Image Source: based on the photograph reproduced courtesy of the Mystic Seaport Museum, Connecticut, in Michael J. Anuta's Ships of Our Ancestors (Baltimore: 1983), page 345.

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