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The Lombardo Family and the Counts of Gambatesa

Note: this page updates information found in Gambatesa - Fragments of History and of Art. It was written by Francesco Lombardo di San Chirico, May 2001.

The Di Capua family sold Gambatesa in 1586 to Ferrante (not Francesco) Lombardo, Count of Troia and 1st Baron of Roseto for the amount of 50,000 ducats. In August 1592 the above Ferrante was created Count of Gambatesa by King Philip II of Spain. Gambatesa was the property of the Lombardo family until 1666 when Francesca Lombardo, the 3rd Countess of Gambatesa, died in Naples and her husband the Marquis of Valle, don Antonio de Mendoza d'Alarcon, inherited the town and the title.

Today the title Count of Gambatesa belongs to the Prince of Torella, Giuseppe Caracciolo, who inherited the title from the Mendoza family. The Gambatesa branch of the Lombardo family does not exist anymore; however, there still exists the collateral branch of the barons of San Chirico, patricians of Lucera, which was created in 1727 by King Charles of Austria (at that time King of Naples).


1. In the Archivio di Stato di Napoli (State Archives of Naples), for titles of nobility:

2. About the Lombardo family:

3. For Gambatesa/Lombardo history there is a manoscritto (manuscript) in the Biblioteca provinciale di Foggia (Provincial Library of Foggia) called Notizie attorno alla famiglia Lombardo (News Around the Lombardo Family). In my archive I still have the original documents regarding the purchase of Gambatesa in 1586 and the title of Count.

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