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Giuseppantonio and Pasqualina (DiRenzo) Iacovelli in Polk's 1928 Camden city directory

Iacovelli Frank r412 S 3d
 " Frank S (Josephine) justice of the
     peace 303 Stevens h do
 " Giuseppe (Pauline) lab h311 Roy-
 " John driver r121 N 4th
 " Jos mason r210 Mickle
 " Louise trmr r412 S 3d
 " Mary (wid Dominick) gro 210 Mic-
     kle h do
 " Mary (wid Pasquale) h412 S 3d
 " Michl (Teresa) lab h520 S 3d
 " Nicola (Rosina) barber 552 Walnut
     h do
 " Nunzio (Jennie) lab h448 S 3d
 " Pauline opr Camden Summer Clo
    Mfrs r311 Royden

Source: R.L. Polk & Co.'s Greater Camden City Directory (1928)

• Map of the City of Camden in 1935.

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