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Nicola Iacovelli (1924-1931)

Nicola Iacovelli (1924-1931) was the first son of Giuseppantonio Iacovelli (1895-1929) and his wife Pasqualina DiRenzo (1902-1981) both of Gambatesa, Italy.  The baby in the carriage is Nicola's second younger sister Giuseppina (who was born in 1929).  Nicola died in Brooklyn, New York City, when he ran out into the street and was hit by an automobile.  He is buried in Calvary Cemetery, Cherry Hill, New Jersey, with his father Giuseppe and his mother Pasqualina. Pasqualina was present when Nicola was killed; she did not have an easy life, losing first her husband and then her oldest son.

Nicola Iacovelli (1924-1931), Brooklyn, 1929, 30 KB

Photograph Source: the photograph on this page was lent to me by Giuseppantonio Iacovelli's daughter Filomena in December 1995; it had belonged to her mother Pasqualina DiRenzo.

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