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Ship Passenger Manifest for Pasqualina DiRenzo

Form 500 B
List 204
The entries on this sheet must
be typewritten or printed.


ALL ALIENS arriving at a port of continental United States from a foreign port or a port of the insular possessions of the United States, and all aliens arriving at a port of said insular possessions from a foreign port, a port of continental United States, or a port of another insular possession in whatsoever class they travel, MUST be fully listed and the master or commanding officer of each vessel carrying such passengers must upon arrival deliver lists thereof to the immigration officer.
    This (white) sheet is for the listing of STEERAGE PASSENGERS ONLY

S.S. Dante Alighieri, Passengers sailing from NAPOLI, 25 SET. 1920 .... Arriving at Port of NEW-YORKOCT 9 1920

 1  No. on List.  29
 2  HEAD-TAX STATUS. (This column for use of Government officials only.)
 3  NAME IN FULL. Family Name. Given Name.
  Di Renzo Pasqua
 4  Age. Yrs. Mos.  19
 5  Sex.  f
 6  Married or single.  S
 7  Calling or occupation.  dress.m
 8  Able to --  Read. Read what language [or, if exemption claimed, on what ground]. Write.  yes  Italian  yes
 9  Nationality. (Country of which citizen or subject.)
10  ‡ Race or People.  Italian S.
11  * Last Permanent Residence.  Country. City or town.
  Italy  Gambatesa
12  The name and complete address of nearest relative or friend in country whence alien came.
  mother Vittoria
  16 Corso Carminaro Gambatesa

13  Final Destination. *(Intended future permanent residence.) State. City or town.
  N.J  Camden

* Permanent residence within the meaning of this manifest shall be actual or intended residence of one year or more.
List of races will be found on back of this sheet.


14  No. on List.  29
15  Whether having a ticket to such final destination.
16  By whom was passage Paid? (Whether alien paid his own passage, whether paid by relative, whether paid by any other person, or by any corporation, society, municipality, or government.)
17  Whether in possession of $50, and if less, how much?
18  Whether ever before in the United States; and if so, when and where? Yes or No.  If Yes -- Year or period of years. Where?
  no no no
19  Whether going to join a relative or friend; and if so, what relative or friend, and his name and complete address.
  father Giuseppe
  212 Mikael St. Camden N.J
20  Purpose of coming to United States.  Whether alien intends to return to country whence he came after engaging temporarily in laboring pursuits in the United States.  Length of time alien intends to remain in the United States.  Whether alien intends to become a citizen of the United States.
  no  perman.  yes
21  Ever in prison or almshouse, or institution for care and treatment of the insane, or supported by charity? If so, which?
22  Whether a Polygamist.  no
23  Whether an Anarchist.  no
24  Whether a person who believes in or advocates the overthrow by force or violence of the Government of the United States or all forms of law, etc. (See footnote for full text of this question.)
25  Whether coming by reason of any offer, solicitation, promise, or agreement, expressed or implied, to labor in the United States.
26  Whether alien has been previously deported within one year.
27  Condition of health, mental and physical.
28  Deformed or Crippled. Nature, length of time, and cause.
29  Height.  Feet. Inches.  5  5
30  Complexion.  nat.
31  Color of -- Hair. Eyes.  brow. brow.
32  Marks of Identification.
33  Place of Birth.  Country. City or Town.
  Italy  Gambatesa

NOTE. -- Full text of question 24 is as follows: Whether a person who believes in or advocates the overthrow by force or violence of the Government of the United States or all forms of law, or who disbelieves in or is opposed to organized government, or who advocates the assassination of public officials, or who advocates or teaches the unlawful destruction of property, or is a member of or affiliated with any organization entertaining and teaching disbelief in or opposition to organized government or which teaches the unlawful destruction of property, or who advocates or teaches the duty, necessity, or propriety of the unlawful assaulting or killing or any officer or officers, either of specific individuals or of officers generally, of the Government of the United States or of any other organized government because of his or their official character.

Source: National Archives Microfilm Publication T 715, Roll 2849, Page 47

Summary Arrival Record for Assunta DiRenzo

Assunta DiRenzo (1905-1957) came to America with her older sister Pasqualina, arriving at the Port of New York on 9 OCT 1920 aboard the SS Dante Alighieri.  However, the sisters were not listed on the same page of the manifest.

Name in full: Di Renzo Assunta [The "u" was typed over an "i" (or vice versa) in her given name]; 16 years old; occupation: dres[s].ma[ker]; able to read and write Italian; last permanent residence: Italy, Gambatesa; nearest relative or friend there: mother Vittoria, Corso Carminaro 16, Gambatesa; had possession of $8; never before in the United States; destination: father Giuseppe 212 Middle St, Camden, NJ; height 5 feet 5 inches; brown hair and brown eyes; place of birth: Italy Gambatesa.

Source: National Archives Microfilm Publication T 715, Roll 2849, Page 48 (List 205, No. 3)

S.S. Dante Alighieri, 11 KB

About the ship.  The SS Dante Alighieri had room for 2,185 passengers (100 first class, 260 second class, and 1,825 third class).

Image Source: based on the ship's image found at the Web site "American Family Immigration History Center" (ellisislandrecords.org) as that Web site existed in September 2001, where the image is stated to be from the Andreas Hernandez Collection.  That site is © 2000 by The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, Inc.

SS Dante Alighieri

Postcard image of SS Dante Alighieri, 30 KB
Vapore ("Steamship") Dante Alighieri.

Operated by "Transatlantica Italiana" Società Anonima di Navigazione from 1915-1927 between Genoa, Naples, Palermo and New York.  9,754 ton steamship.  Dimensions in feet (between perpendiculars): 483 x 59.  Two funnels, two masts; twin-screw; quadruple-expansion engines with four cylinders; service speed of 16 knots [18.4 miles per hour].  Shipbuilder: Esercizio Bacini, Riva Trigoso (Province of Genoa).  Launched 28 November 1914.  Maiden Voyage 15 February 1915 Genoa-Naples-Palermo-New York.  Sold to Japan in 1927.

The funnels of the ships of the Transatlantica Italiana steamship line were red with a white star, and a black top.  Their flag was a burgee (i.e. a rectangular flag but with a swallow-tail at the fly) with a white star within a golden oak wreath at the center, and a black "T" and "I" on either side of the wreath.

Source: North Atlantic Seaway: an illustrated history of the passenger services linking the old world with the new by N.R.P. Bonsor (Prescot, Lancashire: 1955), page 483.

Image Source: Italian postcard in circulation circa World War One.  The reverse of the card is divided, like most postcards, vertically into two panes.  On the right, at the top of the address pane is printed Cartolina Postale ("Postcard").  On the left, at the top of the message pane is printed TRANSATLANTICA ITALIANA / SEDE IN GENOVA / Via Balbi, 40 ("Italian Transatlantic Line / Offices in Genoa"); at the bottom of the message pane is printed LINEE CELERI POSTALI / TRA L'ITALIA E LE AMERICHE ("Swift postal shipping lines between Italy and the Americas").  Courtesy of Jay.

S.S. Dante Alighieri, 35 KB

Image Source: based on a photograph courtesy of the Peabody Museum of Salem in Michael J. Anuta's Ships of Our Ancestors (Baltimore: 1983), page 73.

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