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Giovanni Valente and Nunziata DiRenzo in April 1960

In 1959 Carmina ("Millie") Valente bought the house at 162 Wesley Avenue in Erlton, New Jersey, and moved the family from 520 Mickle Street in the City of Camden to the post-War II suburbs.  Actually, they were one of the last Italian families to leave the city.

John and Nancy Valente, April 2006, 31 KB

The move from the city was hard for Millie's parents John and Nancy Valente.  Her father said that half his life was work (the other half was his family) and he did not want to retire from working.  In the suburbs Nunziata was isolated from family and friends, as she had not been in the city.  Giovanni (1887-1969) found work both at an Italian-bread bakery and as a school crossing guard for Queen of Heaven Roman Catholic church on Route 70 in Cherry Hill although he had a long walk to the school and to catch the bus for the bakery in Camden, but his wife Nunziata (1897-1983) spent the last years of her life looking out the window waiting for someone to visit, but most of her friends were dead or not well and the younger people were busy with their own lives.

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