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2nd Class Passenger Ticket for the S.S. Colombo, 1923

The Biglietto di 2.ª Classe below was issued to Mario Stefani of Barga, Province of Lucca, Tuscany, for the sailing of the Steamship Colombo on 26 May 1923 from Genoa to New York, where the ship arrived on 7 June 1923.

Mario Stefani is listed in the ship's passenger manifest of that voyage as a 22 year old, unmarried, laborer in transit to Ontario, Canada.  As his nearest relative Mario named his father Giuseppe in Barga.  His final destination was Sandwich West, Essex, which was the address of his friend Willie Belleperche.  Mario is listed as 5 feet 7 inches tall; he was in possession of $45; he had never entered the United States before.

For entering Canada, Mario required a "Declaration of Passenger to Canada" (Form 30a).  That document says that he was going to Canada to work as a laborer; that he intended to remain permanently in Canada; and that he had never lived in Canada before.  Mario was able to read Italian and he signed this document himself; his religion was Catholic.  (The document is difficult to read, but Mr. Belleperche may have been a farmer.)  According to the ink stamps on this document, Mario Stefani appears to have passed through the immigration office of the Port of Quebec on 3 September.

2nd Class Italian steamship passenger ticket from 1923, 50 KB

The ship's passenger ticket above measures 8 by 10 inches [20 x 25 cm.]  A full page of condizioni generali is printed on the back (a tergo) of the document, which include that the passenger is required to present this ticket during the voyage (or be regarded as a stowaway) and to surrender the ticket at the end of the voyage, as is also stated on the front (upper left) of the document: Da restituirsi, allo sbarco dal Piroscafo alla fine del viaggio, alle persone incaricate del ritiro del biglietto.

Image courtesy of Mario Stefani's grandson John Stefani

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