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Water Trough, Largo Fontana, Gambatesa

The water trough is called i brevelatur'  in the dialect of Gambatesa (in Italian, l'abbeveratoio).

The water trough at Largo Fontana, 40 KB

This water trough was constructed in 1904.  It is the southwestern wall of Largo Fontana  ("the open space around the fountain").  The fountain in Largo Fontana  also has a date (1905).  And before this fountain was built?  There may only have been a well at Largo Fontana, not a fountain.

The curb has been set at an angle in front of the trough, to make it easier for the animals to be led to the trough.

Photograph by Angelo Abiuso (Geneva), 4 August 2002, 2-2:30 PM

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