More photographs of Marianna Bricca

Marianna Bricca in old age, 20 KB

"If you look at the clothes of poorer women, you will see no buttons: they used safety-pins (like for baby's diapers) instead." (Women's Clothing in Gambatesa, as it used to be)

Marianna Bricca with her son Giuseppe's children, 35 KB Marianna Bricca with her son's children, text identifying the children, 40 kb

Questa ragazza davanti a me e l'altra a sinistra di chi guarda sono figlie a mio figlio Peppino. L'altra è figlia a Teresa. Marianna Bricca ("The girl in front of me and the other to the left of the viewer are daughters of my son Peppino (Giuseppe). The other is Teresa's daughter.")

With Pasqualina DiRenzo, 1960

In 1960 Pasqualina Iacovelli visited her birthplace Gambatesa, 44 KB

Pasqualina DiRenzo in Iacovelli (1902-1981) was the younger sister of Nunziata DiRenzo in Valente (1897-1983). (Photograph developed in Campobasso 8.9.60)

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