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Old Cemetery, Gambatesa

The photograph below is of the oldest part of Gambatesa's cemetery.  In the older days, graves were only rented, but now they no longer evict bodies; instead they have made two additions to the old cemetery.

In the old days, the tombs were reopened and the bones of the dead removed.  The bones were then put in a communal grave ("ossuary").  That communal grave is located between the old and newer cemeteries: there is a hole where the bones were put: it is marked with a skull (but something is written there as well).  Angelo thinks that graves were rented for 30 years (but meanwhile the township has decided not to evict anyone).

Old cemetery, Gambatesa, 48 KB

Below is the view from within the old cemetery of Gambatesa's newer cemeteries, of which there are two (The newest section is to the left).  The small chapel-like buildings are mausoleums, which belong to the comparatively wealthier families in Gambatesa; people have become snobbish wanting these.

View of the newer cemeteries, Gambatesa, 26 KB

These photographs are important because if one day they build more of the new style of graves (removing the bones from the old), the old underground burial part of the old cemetery will completely disappear.

Photographs by Angelo Abiuso, 25 July 2006, 7:30 PM.

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