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Biscotti from Gambatesa

Four types of bakery biscotti made in Gambatesa:

On the right are big round Biscotti con le uova ("Egg Biscuits").  Then, going counter-clockwise, at the top are Taralli coi semi di finocchio ("Taralli with fennel seeds").  Then at 10 o'clock is another biscotto con le uova but shaped differently from the others.  And then at 8 o'clock are Torroncini.  (The doily in the photograph is 30 cm. [12 inches] in diameter.)

Biscotti made in Gambatesa, 2005, 45 KB

The label for the torroncini reads:

Via Dietro Gli Orti, 19 - 80613 GAMBATESA (CB)
Tel. 0874 719561  Cell. 3339655105
Ingredienti: Farina "0", Uova, Mandorle, Zucchero.
Senza conservanti né coloranti
Peso all'origine gr. 500
Da consumarsi entro 30/8/05

Of the ingredients (flour, eggs, almonds, sugar), the "0" grade of wheat flour is whiter than the flour used for pane comune (much of Italy's daily bread) but a grade coarser than the pastry flour grade "00".

By the old people of Gambatesa and of nearby villages things that are store-bought (comprate) are thought to be not as good as home-made things, whether they are biscuits from a local shop or foods in tins from a national brand.  People are suspicious of the ingredients: Chi sa cosa ci mettono dentro ("Who knows what the devil they put inside to make them").  I have often heard this in shops and they dare to talk like this to the lady who sells it in the shop!

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