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Gambatesa - School before the War

One of the girls in the top row of this photograph was my Valente grandmother's sister; my grandmother is Luigina and her sister was Pasqualina Abiuso.  But Pasqualina was also my mother Maria's aunt, and so my mother called her Zia Patina or "Aunt Godmother".

The photograph shows how teachers used to look before the Second World War.  The teacher was called Donna Linucia, and she was the daughter of the owner of the chemist shop (pharmacy).  In her last year of teaching she was also my mother's teacher.

Standing to the teacher's left is a girl with a round face and very long hair.  The girl standing to her left is Pasqualina.

School class photograph, Gambatesa, 43 KB

Angelo Abiuso, 16 July 2007.

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