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Looking Northwest from the Village of Gambatesa

Looking outwards from Gambatesa, 34 KB

Looking toward the northwest from the southern-most part of the village of Gambatesa.  The wall-like structure is the as it were northwestern extension of the Corso Roma, the avenue that runs along the spine of the village.  It points in the direction of Toppo della Salandra and Toppo della Vipera, the remains of the oldest parishes in the territory of Gambatesa.  The lowland to the structure's west is called La Piana delle Noci ("The Plain of Walnuts").

The wall-like structure resembles what is suggested by Gambatesa's earliest name, Rocca Costa, that is, "a rock that looks like the coastline".

Maybe Rocca Costa was on that structure.  My Godfather (who lives just under it) told me that on the top of it he found broken pots and plates.  Part of the structure belongs to him.  He told me that probably there were houses on the top of it years ago.

Photograph by Angelo Abiuso (Geneva), late August 2001

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