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How Biscotti con le uova are made in Gambatesa

Step by step, this is how Angelo's mother Maria makes Biscotti con le uova ("Egg Biscuits").

1. First Maria mixes and gently kneads the dough.  See the general description, finished photographs, and the ingredient amounts.  Then she the dough is ready to be divided.

The dough is divided, 20 KB

2. First she cuts off a piece of dough.

The dough is divided, 15 KB

3. And then rolls it under the palms of her hands into a short rope.

The dough is rolled under the palms, 12 KB

4. Then she cuts a line in the rope.  This is to help the dough expand when it rises, so that it does not burst, and to give it a nice design when it is finished.

The dough is slashed, 20 KB

5. Next she visually divides the rope of dough in thirds and cuts a notch at each point.

The dough is notched, 14 KB

6. Then she forms the ropes of dough into rings.  She uses a large door key, pushing deep down into the dough, to seal the ends of the dough together.

The ends of the dough are sealed, 11 KB

7. Then, after the rings of dough are formed ...

The rings of dough are ready for boiling, 20 KB

... the rings are dropped into a deep pot of boiling water a few at a time.

The rings of dough go into boiling water, 27 KB

8. Until they rise to the surface of the water and they are removed with a large slotted spoon.

The biscuits rise to the surface, 12 KB

9. Then they are drained on a clean dish towel and allowed to cool to room temperature.

The biscuits are drained, 29 KB

11. Then they go into the lowest part of the oven, to bake until they are the color of the biscotti in the finished photographs.

The biscuits in the oven, 17 KB

Photographs by Angelo Abiuso (Geneva), June 2006.

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