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The Regions of the Republic of Italy

Map showing the Regions of Italy, 13 KB

Map Source: outline based on the map titled "Italia" in the book Gastronomy of Italy (New York: 1987), page 11, where it is credited to George Wright.

List of the 20 Regions of Italy
(from West to East, North to South)

  1. Valle d'Aosta (Aosta Valley)
  2. Piemonte (Piedmont)
  3. Lombardia (Lombardy)
  4. Trentino-Alto Adige (Sud Tirol)
  5. Veneto
  6. Friuli-Venezia Giulia
  7. Liguria
  8. Emilia-Romagna
  9. Toscana (Tuscany)
  10. Umbria
  11. Marche
  12. Lazio
  13. Abruzzo (Abruzzi)
  14. Molise
  15. Campania
  16. Puglia (Apulia)
  17. Basilicata (Lucania)
  18. Calabria
  19. Sicilia (Sicily)
  20. Sardegna (Sardinia)

Notes: There are 20 Regions, 103 Provinces, and 8,101 Comuni ("townships", "boroughs", "town centers with their agricultural areas") in the present Republic of Italy.

On 27 December 1963 Molise was separated from the Region of Abruzzo e Molise and made a region in its own right, co-extensive with the province of Campobasso.  Prior to this, there had been 19 Regions of Italy.

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