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« Toppo della Vipera »

Toppo della Vipera ("Vipera Ridge", altitude 383 m. = 1,257 ft.) belongs to the agricultural land of Gambatesa.  It is found at 10 o'clock on the old military map of the territory of Gambatesa.  The photograph below shows Vipera Ridge as seen from the south.  The village of Gambatesa itself lies to its southeast along what was once a single ridge beginning with Vipera.

Toppo della Vipera, Gambatesa, 45 KB

To the north of Toppo della Vipera lies the Tappino fondo valle ("Tappino River valley bottom") and the route of the ancient tratturo ("sheep migration track").  But in the winter-spring the tratturo became a malarial swamp or marsh because of snow and rain.

Before the construction after WW2 of the new provincial road Strada statale 645 along the Tappino fondo valle, the only road was the ancient Via Appulo-Sannitica to the south of Toppo della Vipera.

Toppo della Vipera was, with Toppo della Salandra and Chiusano, one of the original places of human habitation (later one of the original three parishes) in the territory of Gambatesa.

Photograph by Angelo Abiuso (Geneva), August 2004.

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