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Small-scale «Traglia» or Wheat Sled from Gambatesa

Traglia is an old word meaning slitta in Italian, that is, a sleigh or sled or sledge used in the past to carry sheaves of wheat.

But sleds or traglie are still decorated with sheaves of wheat for the wheat harvest festival of La Madonna delle Traglie celebrated in Gambatesa at the end of July each year.  The traglie were pulled by horses, oxen and donkeys in the past, but they are pulled by tractors today.

The photograph below is of a small-scale traglia that might be pulled by a dog or goat.  But the actual traglie that are used for the festival are 5-6 times larger.

Model of a wheat sled or traglia, Gambatesa, 44 KB

Photograph by Angelo Abiuso (Geneva) at the Masseria Biagietti, the farm of his godfather in Gambatesa, August 2004.

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