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Victrola label of Enrico Caruso's recording of 'A vucchella for the Victor Talking Machine Co, 12 KB

Enrico Caruso's recording of
'A vucchella  ("A Little Posy")
for the Victor Talking Machine Co. of Camden, N.J.

Enrico Caruso recorded this song on 8 September 1919 in Camden, New Jersey, on 5th Street between Cooper and Market. The building no longer exits, nor does the house at 337 Berkley Street where seven of Giovanni Valente and Nunziata di Renzo's eleven children were born. RCA (which took over the Victor Talking Machine Company in 1929) and the Italian colony have disappeared from Camden.

Sound Symbol This was Giovanni Valente's favorite song. Hear the beginning of 'A vucchella  just as he heard it: RealAudio (40 KB) or MPEG3 (167 KB).

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