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The piccola zappa ("zappetele")

The tool is called a piccola zappa in Italian ("zappetele" in dialect) or "small hoe". With the bidente, these are the principal agricultural tools that are used in Gambatesa.

The small hoe that is used in Gambatesa, 46 KB

The zappatelle is the farmer's scalpel. It is used for example to weed the wheat fields in the spring (The agricultural year in Gambatesa). The bidente is used for bigger work.

Samuele Conte is working in his garden in the territory of the commune of Gambatesa south of the village of Gambatesa, near one of the three earliest inhabited areas of Gambatesa (The other two are Toppo della Vipera and Toppo della Salandra), the ancient woods named "Bosco Chiusano".

Samuele Conte working in his garden, 36 KB

Photographs by Angelo Abiuso, August-July 2009-2010 at 10:16 (top) and 10:30 hrs.

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