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Preface:  Angela BURRATTI died one night in the spring of 1843 at the Amendola Farm (masseria detta Amendola), San Severo, Puglia, together with 15 other men and women from Gambatesa.  But their death records do not state what happened.

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Deaths at the Masseria Amendola, 30 April - 1 May 1843

  d. 30 APR - 1 MAY 1843 at about 2 hrs at night at the farm called Amendola (nella notte di trenta del mese di Aprile al primo Maggio 1843 alle ore due circa nella masseria detta Amendola), Angela BURRATTI di Gambatesa, age 63, contadina, passing through San Severo (but) domiciled in Gambatesa (domiciliata in Gambatesa di passaggio per S. Severo), daughter delli furono Giuseppe, and Rubina [end of name can barely be read] di DOMENICA, widow of Silvestro SANTELLA [d. 8 AUG 1836 age 58, contadino, born in Gambatesa to del fu Mauro, contadino, and della fu Isabella IACOVELLI, all domiciled in Gambatesa (Gambatesa Morti 1836 #35)]

Death reported to Rocco del SORDO, sindaco, Comune of Sansavero (San Severo), Distretto (and Circondario) of S. Severo, Province of Capitanata, il dì primo Maggio alle ore 23, by Francesco VENDITTI of S. Severo, 43, speziale manuale, domiciled in S. Severo, Strada Mercato, and Michele SEDENA of S. Severo, 58, serivente, domiciled in S. Severo, Strada Montenero

To execute the law, the official of the Civil Register went with the reporters-of-the-death to see the dead person, and there verified that person's death.  Then the official made this atto and wrote it down in the two registers, and read it to the reporters-of-the-death, and then signed it, as did the reporters-of-the-death

Source: Gambatesa Civil Register Morti 1843, Volume di estratti di morte avvenuta fuori del proprio domicilio; San Severo Estratto di Morte 1843 #227 (dugento (duecento) ventisette)

These records of deaths that happened away from home are of 9 men and 7 women from Gambatesa who died the same date, time and place, and whose deaths were all reported at the same time and recorded in exactly the same way.  The volume was sent by the Procura del Re presso Il Tribunale Civile di Molise, dated Campobasso 12 June, to the sindaco of Gambatesa.  The dead were:

214. Giuseppe di JELSI of Gambatesa, age 58, campagnolo, son delli furono Domenico, and Francesco MOFFA, husb. di Angela ZAMPINI of Gambatesa (see #226)

215. Antonio PRECES of Gambatesa, age 19, campagnolo, son di Domenico, and della fu Cecilia ALBANO

216. Giovanni SPINA of Gambatesa, age 31, campagnolo, son delli furono Salvatore, and Vittoria CIRELLI

217. Nicola GAUDELLI of Gambatesa, age 15, campagnolo, son di Cosmo, and Maria Vittoria SANTELLA

218. Giuseppe PETRILLI of Gambatesa, age 8, di professione ragazzo, son del fu Francesco, and Luigia PETRONE (see #219)

219. Francesco PETRILLI of Gambatesa, age 28, campagnolo, son di Giuseppe, and Candida IULIANO, husb. di Luigia PETRONE (see #218)

220. Antonio AITELLA of Gambatesa, age 46, campagnolo, son di Domenico, and Concetta PIRRO

221. Anna SPINA of Gambatesa, age 45, contadina, daughter delli furono Pasquale, and Crescenza POMPEI, widow of Stefano d'ANTONIO (see #223)

222. Vittoria CONTENTO of Gambatesa, age 23, contadina, daughter delli furono Pasquale, and Maria Pasquale PRECES (see #228)

223. Giovanna d'ANTONIO of Gambatesa, age 16, contadina, daughter delli furono Stefano, and Anna SPINA (see #221)

224. Gennaro PETRILLI of Gambatesa, age 21, campagnolo, son di Pasquale, and Felicia ISABELLA

225. Vittoria PERRUCCI of Gambatesa, age 44, contadina, daughter delli furono Nicola, and Carmina GENOVESE, widow of Francesco PETRILLI

226. Maria Vittoria di JELSI of Gambatesa, age 21, contadina, daughter del fu Giuseppe, and Angela ZAMPINI (see #214)

227. Angela BURRATTI

228. Maria Pasquale PRECES of Gambatesa, age 51, contadina, daughter delli furono Andrea, and Domenica TARASSI [1st letter of her last name can barely be read], widow of Pasquale CONTENTO (see #222)

229. Arcangelo d'ANTONIO of Gambatesa, age 23, campagnolo, son del fu Pasquale, and Carmina CURIALE

Questions:  No cause is stated for these deaths.  Why were these Gambatesans "passing through" San Severo?  Were they on a pilgrimage to the Gargano peninsula, a pilgrimage such as the one described in Francesco Jovine's Signora Ava ("Seeds in the Wind")?  Were they staying the night at the Amendola farm, perhaps in a barn?  Was there a fire, or did a building colapse (Was there an earthquake or a flood)?  Or were these people working at the farm and only "passing through" in the sense of being seasonal workers?  And where was the Amendola farm exactly?

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