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Map of Central Southern Italy showing the Places named in the Family Histories of the Web site roangelo.net

The two maps below show the location within Italy of the big map of central southern Italy farther below.

Map showing central southern Italy, 7 KB Map showing central southern Italy within the Italian peninsula, 3 KB

Traveler's Companions

These traveler's companions are intended to be used with the big map below, and therefore please open them in a separate browser window.

Map of central southern Italy

Map of central southern Italy, 57 KB

Map Source: based on Italia: Motoring Map, Hallwag Berne, Switzerland (no date, but before 1970 when Piedimonte d'Alife became Piedimonte Matese, and before the creation of Lago di Occhito, the very large lake made by damming the Fortore River just northeast of Gambatesa in the late 1950s-60s, as shown on this road map of the southeastern corner of the Province of Campobasso).

List of the Places shown on this Map

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