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Road Map showing Gambatesa and some Nearby Villages

Map Source: based on the maps found in Italy: Motoring Atlas (Michelin, 1994), pages 61-62.

Road map showing Gambatesa, Italy, and some nearby villages, 16 KB

The ancient road that connects the provincial capital cities of Campobasso and Foggia, Via Appulo-Sannitica, passes through the village of Gambatesa and crosses over the Ponte dei 13 Archi ("Bridge of the 13 Arches") at the Fortore River. But that road is no longer the most direct way between the two cities, because of the recently built provincial roadway S. 645. That roadway passes just to the north of Gambatesa, and the Bridge of the 13 Arches now lies over the recently created Lago di Occhito ("Lake Occhito").

Gambatesa's location in central southern Italy, 2 KB Gambatesa on the map of Italy, 2 KB

The Lago di Occhito lies between Molise and Puglia. It is a man-made reservoir with a capacity of 8.7 billion cubic feet (247.5 million cubic meters) of water; it was created by damming the Fortore River. Begun in the mid-1950s and taking as many as ten years to complete, this lake is drawn on for crop irrigation during southern Italy's summers, which are very dry.

List of the places named on the road map above:

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