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Traveler's Companion for Map of Central Southern Italy that shows the Places named the Family History of Donato Luciano ABIUSO (1906-1998) of Gambatesa

This companion was written to be compared with the big map of central southern Italy.

Abbreviations used on this page:
AQ = Province of L'Aquila, Region of Abruzzo
BN = Province of Benevento, Region of Campania
CB = Province of Campobasso, Region of Molise
FR = Province of Frosinone, Region of Lazio
SA = Province of Salerno, Region of Campania

The altitudes given on this page are the height above sea level of the Casa comunale of the village or town.

Population numbers are from the Italian Census of 1991.

Travel Companion for Documents for Abiuso Family History

Gambatesa on the map of Italy, 2 KB
Gambatesa is a village in central southern Italy between Naples and Rome.

To find Gambatesa (CB) (Gambatesa - its History and Art), Region of Molise, on the big map, begin in the upper right corner at Termoli and go south half the way to Benevento; or go two-thirds of the way from Foggia to Campobasso.



Going West from Gambatesa. Riccia (CB) was the village of origin of Francesco REALE and his wife Catarina CALARESE; their daughter Emerenziana REALE (1749-1823) married Alesandro GENOVESE (1743-1823) of Gambatesa. (Population: 6,176)


Going South from Gambatesa to the Region of Campania, Santa Croce del Sannio (BN) lies close to the town of Morcone (presso Morcone). It was the village of origin of Benedetto ALTIERI and his wife Isabella d'UVA, and of the CAPOZZI and di MARIA ancestors of Donato Luciano Abiuso. Donato Luciano Abiuso shared these ancestors with Giovanni Valente and Nunziata DiRenzo, and with Giuseppantonio IACOVELLI. (Population: 1,166)


To the Northwest of Gambatesa lies Pietracatella (CB), the village of origin of the di IELSI and the di IORIO ancestors of Donato Luciano Abiuso. Vittoria di IELSI (1751-1831), the granddaughter of Pietro di IELSI and his wife Silvia GUARINO, married Francesco IACOVELLI (1760-1842) of Gambatesa. Concetta di IORIO (1790-1867), the daughter of Saverio di JORIO and Aquilina LIMONCELLI, married Antonio ABIUSO (1787-1878) of Gambatesa. (Population: 1,696)

Just to the Northwest of Pietracatella lies Monacilioni (CB); this village is about nine miles by air from Gambatesa, but much farther by road. Monacilioni was the village of origin of Cosmo GIULIANO and his wife Donata TRINALAFA; their daughter Anna Maria GIULIANO (1750-1838) married Francesco ABIUSO (1733-1814) of Gambatesa. (Population: 772)

[Il Molise dalle origini ai nostri giorni by Giambattista Masciotta, Volume II (Napoli, 1915), la monografia di Monacilioni (in Italian only).]


San Marco dei Cavoti (BN) (formerly San Marco de' Cavoti) may be the "San Marco de' Goti" where the Anna VALENTE (1737-1797) who married Nunzio IACOVELLI (1726-1795) of Gambatesa was born. Anna's brother Pasquale, who was also from "San Marco de' Goti", is the ancestor from whom all the Valente of Gambatesa are descended. There are three reasons to identify "San Marco de' Goti" with San Marco dei Cavoti. (Population: 3,906)

The parents of Anna Valente and Nunzio Iacovelli were ancestors that Donato Luciano Abiuso shared with Giovanni Valente.


Jumping now to the Northwest corner of the map, the comune of Scanno (AQ) was the village of origin of Annibale SPALLONE and his wife Rosa CARTAGINA; their granddaughter Angela SPALLONE (1750-1797) married Bartolomeo d'ALESANDRO of Gambatesa. (Population: 2,352)

The road running Northwest from Scanno leads, eventually by switchback, to the town of Pescina (AQ), the birthplace of Ignazio Silone (1900-1978), and beyond that to the Piana del Fucino and the city of Avezzano (AQ).

Dropping a line North to South, Scanno lies about one-third of the distance between the city of Sulmona (AQ) and the town of Cassino (FR) and its famous Abbazia di Montecassino ("Abbey of Monte Cassino"). In the year 529 Saint Benedict took some of his disciples to Monte Cassino, built an abbey, and established a Rule of Monastic Life founded on "silence, work, prayer, and a contrite heart" that was eventually to be followed in forty thousand monasteries of the Roman Catholic Church. The abbey has been destroyed many times in its history, but the last time the explosion was so great that it is said to have been heard as far away as Gambatesa.

(There is also a village named Scanno in the Province of Salerno in the Region of Campania; however, this seems to be a frazione of the comune of Altavilla Silentina (SA), and therefore it would not have been named as the village of origin in civil or pastoral documents without some further identification being given to it. This village of Scanno lies off the map, about 30 miles to the southeast of the city of Avellino. (Population of Altavilla Silentina: 6,796))

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