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This page supplements The 315th Infantry U.S. Army at the beginning of the Meuse-Argonne Offensive.

The Malancourt Woods

When the 315th Infantry arrived there, the village of Malancourt and its woods had been nearly obliterated by the war. (The Official History of the 315th Infantry U.S.A. (Philadelphia, 1920), p. 46). Malancourt is where Giovanni Angelillo was killed by an H. E. shell on 27 September 1918.

The Malancourt Woods, World War One, 37 KB

"The Tattered Remnants of the Bois de Malancourt"
The Official History of the 315th Infantry U.S.A. (p. 45)

Although the firing ahead had been in progress for quite a time, the advance on 26 September 1918 went on rapidly. The Regiment did not come under direct fire until "I" Company, the leading company of the Third Battalion, reached the Forges Brook at the southern edge of Haucourt and the dismal swamp of the Bois de Malancourt. Here the men of the Third Battalion were subjected to the fire of German snipers who had taken up positions in the ruins of Malancourt. (ibid. p. 53-54)

"Over the Top"

Up until April 1918, most of the training the U.S. soldiers were given had been toward the methods of trench warfare, because that sort of action seemed to predominate in France. But toward the beginning of summer 1918, the higher commanders began to believe that the war would be decided by the tactics of open warfare, and therefore detailed attention was given to this method of training. (ibid. p. 31-32)

At 5:30 A.M. on the morning of 26 September 1918, the first waves of infantry swept forward, and the American Army, with nine divisions on a 25-mile front, began an offensive that ended only with the Armistice. (ibid. p. 53)

Going 'over the top', France, World War One, 36 KB

"Over the Top"
The Official History of the 315th Infantry U.S.A. (p. 52)

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