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The Marriage License and Certificate for Orazio Iacovone and Caterina Giardullo

12 October 1902 at St. Marks Church, Bristol. Facing pages of the Marriage Docket for Bucks County, Pennsylvania, No. 29 in that book.

Application for Marriage, 11 August 1902

Docket Number: 29

1. Full name of the man: Orazio Iacovone
2. Full name of the woman: Catarina Giardullo
3. Relationship of the parties, either by blood or marriage: none
4. Age of the man: 27
5. Age of the woman: 20
6. Residence of the man: Phila, Pa.
7. Residence of the woman: Bristol, Pa.
8. Parents' names -- man: Vincenzo + Giovannina Iacovone
9. Parents' names -- woman: Pietro + Vittoria Giardullo
12. Consent of parents or guardians: of Vittoria Giardullo filed
17. Color of parties: White
18. Occupation of man: Barber
19. Occupation of woman: Housework

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Personally appeared before Samuel Vandegrift (Justice of the Peace), at Eddington, Bucks County, Pa., on 11 August 1902, Orazio Iacovone and Caterina Giardullo.

Marriage License, 13 August 1902. Marriage Certificate, 12 October 1902

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The marriage license was issued 13 August 1902 by the Dep. Clerk of the Orphans Court of Bucks County, Pennsylvania.
Orazio Jacovone and Catarina Giardullo were married 12 October 1902 at Bristol, St Marks Church, by William A. Fitzgerald, Minister of the Gospel.

Source: Marriage license docket v. 24-25 1901-1903,
Pennsylvania, County Marriages, 1885-1950.
Image at FamilySearch.org (23 August 2019)

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