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Memorial to the U.S. Army's 315th Infantry

Memorial in Nantillois, 47 KB

The building in the photograph is in the very small town of Nantillois (Meuse), Lorraine. [Nantillois was the "original battle area grave location" for the body of Giovanni Angelillo, who was killed in action on 27 September 1918, before it was moved to the Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery.] The inscription on the building reads:

Erected in Memory
Of the Glorious Dead
Of the 315th Infantry U.S.A.

Inscription memorial in Nantillois, 42 KB

The symbol on the inscription is from the flag of the Lorraine state in France, a cross with two parallel lines passing through it, the "Cross of Lorraine". (That cross was the symbol of the 79th Division.)

Next door is a building that has the flags of France and the U.S.A. hanging outside its door. But the building with the inscription was closed the Saturday when I was there.

I came across this building while looking for the Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery. I began my journey in Verdun (I didn't have an exact address for the cemetery; I just knew it was within 25 km [15.5 miles] of Verdun) and followed the signs for "American Cemetery". And then another sign called "American Memorial" started popping up. The memorial is in Montfaucon-d'Argonne [about 7 miles away from the cemetery], and after I left the memorial, I followed the "Rue de America" back into town and followed the signs that said "American Cemetery". While looking for the cemetery I followed the signs to another town called "Nantillois, France" and it was in this town that I ran across this building.

Source: Photograph and description by Brad Eversgerd, April 2013.

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