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View of Gambatesa from the Southeast

The large white building to the viewer's far left is Gambatesa's Casa comunale or Municipio ("Town Hall"). The massive structure to the right is Gambatesa's medieval castle.

Panorama of the village of Gambatesa, Italy, 35 KB

The large building at the top of the photograph, just to the left of center, is called Casa Beneventi, but palazzo ("palace" or "mansion") would be a better name. It was the residence of a rich family. Now there are four different owners. The rooms inside are very big. Outside it is possible to see that it was a palazzo because of some nice decorations made out of stone. (Note by Angelo Abiuso)

On the viewer's left, the nearest street (on the other side of the first row of houses) is Via San Nicola; following it farther left would lead to the Church and Cross of St. Nicholas. (The wall in the foreground is a retaining wall that was built in the 1980s; the village of Gambatesa never had defensive walls around it.)

* The original edition of GAMBATESA prov. Campobasso ... frammenti di storia e di arte (circa 1995) carried this acknowledgment: "Thanks is given to the administration of the Archbishop of Campobasso (la Curia Arcivescovile di Campobasso) and the Department for Archaeology and for Historical Architectural Properties of Molise (la Sovrintendenza Archeologica e per i Beni Architettonici Artistici e Storici del Molise) for authorizing the publication of the photos."

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