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Ancestors of Orlando Abiuso in Gambatesa

Back row [left to right]: Michele Abiuso (Orlando's father), Giovanni Abiuso (Orlando's grandfather), and Vittoria Abiuso.

Front row [left to right]: Giuseppe Abiuso, Giuseppina Capuano (Orlando's grandmother), Salvatore Abiuso, Giuseppantonio Valente (il patriarca, "patriarch of the family"), and Donato Abiuso.

Michele, Vittoria, Donato, Salvatore and Giuseppe were the five children of Giovanni Abiuso and Giuseppina Capuano.

The father and paternal grandparents of Orlando Abiuso, Gambatesa, 40 KB

This photograph can be given the date of 1921, when Orlando's father Michele Abiuso was 10 years old.  Michele's mother Giuseppina Capuano was the nipote ("niece") of Maria Vittoria Capuano, the wife of Giuseppantonio Valente.  The couple had adopted Giuseppina, who was born in Casalnuovo Monterotaro in Puglia.  When he grew up Michele Abiuso joined the carabiniere.

Giuseppantonio Valente owned the house next door to the house which was by 1908 listed as the property of Francesco Valente (the second son of Donato Valente and Serafina Pudetti, and the brother of Antonio and Nicola Valente); Giuseppantonio's house was the white house in this photograph of the old Valente house in Via San Nicola.  Giuseppantonio Valente and Francesco Valente's son Luca Valente were first cousins once removed.

Photograph courtesy of Orlando Abiuso, October 2002

The Paternal Ancestors of Michele Abiuso in Gambatesa

Giuseppantonio Valente in Gambatesa's Civil Register

Giuseppantonio Valente's parents were Domenicangelo Valente and Maria Gaetana Iacovelli.  That Domenicangelo left behind a minor-aged child named "Giuseppe" is mentioned in Domenicangelo's death record of 1856.

The Birth Record of Giuseppantonio Valente

VALENTE Giuseppantonio
  Born 12 OCT 1849 at 8 hours nella casa sita Strada S. Nicola, son of Domenicangelo, 29, contadino, and Maria Gaetana IACOVELLI, 28
  Birth reported 12 OCT at 16 hours to Tommaso ROTONDO Secondo Eletto by the child's father
  The witnesses were Tomasso Saverio PRECES, 33, contadino, and Antonio MONFORTE, 46, contadino
  Domenicangelo VALENTE signed with a Segno di Croce

[Nascita 1849 #68]

The Marriage Record of Giuseppantonio Valente

VALENTE Giuseppantonio
CAPUANO Maria Vittoria

Married 3 MAY 1869 at 7:30 AM by Pasquale TOSA Sindaco.  The witnesses were Giuseppantonio GENOVESE di Ferdinando, 24, contadino, and Giuseppe IADAROLA di Francesco, 22, contadino, testimoni scelti dai dichiaranti in appresso designati

• Giuseppantonio VALENTE, 20, possidente, domiciled in Gambatesa, son del fu Domenicangelo, and of Maria Gaetana IACOVELLI, possidenti, both domiciled in Gambatesa

• Maria Vittoria CAPUANO, 19, contadina, domiciled in Gambatesa, daughter of Giuseppe, and of Antonia Maria MIGNOGNA, possidenti, both domiciled in Gambatesa

Signed by Giuseppe CAPUANO

[Matrimoni 1869 #17]

How Giuseppantonio Valente and Luca Valente were related

The table below shows the relationship between Giuseppantonio Valente and Luca Valente.  Because Giuseppantonio and Luca's father's were first cousins, Giuseppantonio was Luca's first cousin once (i.e. one generation) removed.

Pasquale Valente (1736-1793), the first Valente to live in Gambatesa
Pasquale Valente's son: Domenico Valente (1764-1828)
Domenico Valente's son: Nicola Valente (1793-1855)
Nicola Valente's sons: Donato Valente (1817-1902)  and  Domenicangelo Valente (1820-1856)
Donato Valente's son:
Francesco Valente (b. 1847)
Domenicangelo Valente's son:
Giuseppantonio Valente (b. 1849)
Francesco Valente's son: Luca Valente (1884-1955)

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