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Postcard photograph of Gambatesa at the Beginning of the 20th Century

The image is titled Gambatesa (Campobasso), Largo della Fontana e piazza Municipio = The Open Space Around the Fountain and Municipal Place.

Gambatesa at the beginning of the 20th Century, 50 KB

Image Source: photograph from the exhibition catalog "Gambatesa in Postcards, 2nd Photograph Exhibit", 9-20 August 1986, published by the Tourist Association "Pro Gambatesa".

Women with water-pots, Gambatesa, 10 KB

The two woman are each carrying a copper water-pot called a tina in Gambatesa.  The fountain was later moved toward the viewer, trees were planted, and it was made the center of Gambatesa's La Villa ("Municipal Park").

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The palazzo at the center of the photograph belonged to a rich family named Ferrari, a family no longer in Gambatesa.  The many holes in the facade were for pigeons to nest, because people liked to eat the young pigeons.  On old houses you still see these holes, and there are many on the Church of San Bartolomeo Apostolo.

Gambatesa ad inizio secolo XX.  Photograph courtesy of Orlando Abiuso, December 2002

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