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The death of Andrew Slackway (1865-1937)

Andrew Slackway of Philadelphia was the son of Andreas and Mary Jane Schlectweg, and the husband of Mary E. (Smith) Slackway. [Andrew Slackway in the U.S. Census, 1870-1880 and 1910-1930]

Certificate of Death

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Department of Health
Bureau of Vital Statics

Primary Dist. No. 51
File No. 05142

1. Place of death:
  City: Philadelphia
  The Lankenau Hospital

2. Full name: Andrew Slackway
  Residence: No. 1229 N. 27 St

Personal and Statistical Particulars

3. Male
4. White
5. Widowed
5a. Husband of: Mary E. Smith
6. Date of birth: 19 March 1[8]64
7. Age: 72 years, 11 months, 12 days

8. Painter

12. Birthplace: Pennsylvania

13. Name of father: Andrew Slackway
14. His birthplace: Germany
15. Mother's maiden name: Mary Dickinson
16. Her birthplace: Pennsylvania

17. Name and address of informant: Mrs. C. S. Olden,
1229 N. 27 St

18. Burial: Date: 3/5, 1937
  Place: North Cedar Hill Cemetery
19. Undertaker: [?] Oliver H. Bair [?] [D? ?] John J. [M ?] - 1820 Chestnut St

20. Filed 4 March 1937, James A [Byrne?] registrar

Medical Certificate of Death

21. Date of death: 1 March 1937
22. "I hereby certify, that I attended deceased from" 23 February 1937 to 1 March 1937. "I last saw him alive on" 1 March 1937; "death is said to have occurred on the date stated above, at" 10:18 P.M.
"The principal cause of death and related causes of importance were as follows": Hypertensive Cardio Vascular Disease. "Other contributory causes of importance": Cerebral Thrombosis. "Date of onset": December 1936.
"What test confirmed diagnosis?" Clinical. "Was there an autopsy?" No.

24. "Was the disease ... in any way related to occupation of diseased?" No.
(Signed) F. H. Leavitt ([per? ?])
(Address) 1527 Pine St

Source: Pennsylvania State Archives
350 North Street
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
(27 September 2016)

Corrections: Andrew Slackway (at birth, Schlectweg) was born 10 March 1865, and his mother Mary Jane was born in Northern Ireland. Andrew's father's name was Andreas Schlectweg (1836-1891).

Mary Jane Dickinson of Northern Ireland

Notes: "Mrs. C. S. Olden" (Mrs. Charles S. Olden) was Lavinia (Smith) Olden, the older sister of Andrew Slackway's wife Mary E. (Smith) Slackway, with whom Andrew and Mary had lived for decades.

In the U.S. census records from before 1930, Andrew Slackway's mother Mary Jane's birthplace is stated as "Ireland", but in the 1930 Census "Northern Ireland". The census instructions for 1930 were: "If of foreign birth, give country in which birthplace is now situated.... Distinguish ... Irish Free State from Northern Ireland" (The "Irish Free State" dates from 1921 or 1922). The surname "Dickinson" is northern English in origin.

Mary Jane's son Harry Slackway (1870-1959) "considered himself an Orangeman and used to wear orange on St. Patrick's Day to annoy the Irish Catholics (to an Englishman Irish and Catholic mean the same thing). Harry would never have called himself Irish, but always English even though his mother emigrated from Ireland (just as an Englishman who was born and lived in India would call himself English, not Indian)", Harry Slackway's great-granddaughter Claire wrote.

That family history supports Northern Ireland as the birthplace of Mary Jane and her family name's being "Dickinson". In America, apparently in Philadelphia, Mary Jane married the German-born (Thuringia) Lutheran (Evangelical Protestant) Andreas Schlectweg.

In documents written after her death Mary Jane Schlectweg is sometimes said to be born in Ireland, sometimes in Pennsylvania. Other than an informant's simply not knowing, this may have been because some people in those days did not like admitting they had Irish ancestors (even though Mary Jane was from Northern Ireland and of English heritage). Some people in those days deprecated Irish people the way they deprecated black Americans.

North Cedar Hill Cemetery Records

Name  Morgan Smith  8/9/05
Lot No.  255
Section  K  |  120
Deed No.  7935

Grave No. Date of Burial Name of Deceased [Age] [Notes]
  4 8/9/05 Frank D. Smith 22 yrs Vaulted for 1
  1 2/6/15 Jennie E. Smith 64  " Vaulted for 3 Bodies  10 ft. deep
Center 1/10/33 Mary Ella Slackway 60 yrs Vaulted for 2 bodies  size of top grave 7-5x34
  1 11/1/34 Morgan S. Smith 91 yrs Vaulted
Center 3/5/37 Andrew Slackway 72 yrs Vaulted
  4 9/8/45 Livinia S. Olden 73 yrs

Notes: Sod 1905 - $1.00
  S/1- Care 1934 - 5.00
  3 graves

[Wm. H. Hoskins Co. 0·1932]

On the map of Cedar Hill Cemetery below the grave of Andrew Slackway and his wife Mary (Smith) in Section K is marked by a cross.

Map of North Cedar Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 14 KB

Cemetery Cards

No. 25154  Decedent  Slackway, Andrew
Age 72 yrs  Date of Decease Mar. 1, 1937  D.O.B. [blank]
Date of Interment Mar. 5, 1937  At [blank]
Last Residence N.L.
Cause of Death Cerebral Thrombosis
Lot No. 255  SectionGrave Ctr  Body Vaulted
Owner of Lot Morgan Smith
Undertaker Bair & Co. Funeral Home
Informant N.L.
Case: [blank]
  Interment $20.00
  Ashes [blank]
Certificate Number: [blank]

No. 22860  Decedent Slackway, Mary, Ella
Age 60 yrs  Date of Decease Jan. 6, 1933  D.O.B. [blank]
Date of Interment Jan. 10, 1933  At [blank]
Last Residence N.L.
Cause of Death Influenza
Lot No. 255  SectionGrave Ctr  Body Vaulted for 1
Owner of Lot Morgan Smith
Undertaker Bair & Co. Funeral Home
Informant N.L.
Case: [blank]
  Interment $90.00
Certificate Number: [blank]

[[?] N.L. = non liquet = not clear = unknown [?]]

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