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Allen Slackway (1907-1981)

Allen was the son of Harry and Mary (Stout) Slackway, all of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Allen Slackway in the U.S. census records, 1910-1940.

New Jersey - Certificate of Death

Insert Month-Day-Year (in this order in all entries requiring date)

1. Name of Deceased: ALLEN E. SLACKWAY
2. Date of Death: March 19, 1981
3a-b. Place of Death:
  City or Town: Middle Township
  County: Cape May 4a-e. Residence:
  Number and Street: 222 E. Virginia Ave
  City or Town: Villas, Lower Township
  County: Cape May
  State: NJ
  Inside City Limits: Yes
5a. Name of Hospital or Institution: Burdette Tomlin Hospital
5b. If Hospital or Institution, check the correct box: Inpatient
6. Martial Status: Married
7a. Was Deceased ever in U.S. Military: No
8. Sex: Male
9. Date of Birth: January 4, 1907
10. Age Last Birthday: 74
12a. Birthplace: Philadelphia, PA
12b. Citizen of what Country: USA
13. Surviving Spouse: Elizabeth Wrightson
14. Social Security Number: 165-09-150
15. Race [White, Black, American Indian, Other (Specify)]: White
16. Ethnic Origin [Puerto Rican, Cuban, Mexican, Italian, German, Other (Specify)]: German + Irish
17. Name and Address of Last Employer:
  Modern Paper Box
  4th + Girard
  Philadelphia, PA
18. Usual Occupation (Kind of work done most of Life - even if retired): Truck Driver
19. Kind of Business or Industry: Paper Box
20. Name of Father: Harry Slackway
21. Maiden Name of Mother: Mary Stout
21a. Name of Informant: Elizabeth Slackway
21b. Relationship: Wife
21c-e. 222 E. Virginia Ave
  Villas, Lower Township, NJ
22a. Disposition: Cremation
22b-d. Name of Cemetery or Crematory: Cape May Co Crematory, Cape May, Lower Township, NJ.
23a. Name and Address of Funeral Home:
  Evoy Funeral Directors
  3218 Bayshore Rd
  Cape May, NJ
23b. Signature of Funeral Director: Robert E. Krause
23c. N.J. License Number: 2560
24a. Signature of Registrar: Helen Hammond
24b. Date received by Registrar: 3/20/81
25a. Name and Address of Certifier: Attending Phys.
  Jae. H. Shim, MD
  Villas, NJ 08251
25c. Date Signed: 3-19-81
26a. Hour of Death: 12:00 PM
27a. Immediate Cause of Death: Malignant Melanoma

I certify the foregoing is a true copy of Certificate of Death filed in this Office.
[SIGNED] Helen Hammond, Dep.  3/20/81
Helen Hammond  Date of Issue
Deputy Registrar of Vital Statistics,
Township of Lower, County of Cape May,
for the State of New Jersey Department
of Health.

Issued: Township Hall
  Villas, Lower Township,
  New Jersey

Source: Nancy Poserina, 8 April 2002.

Harry Slackway (1870-1959) - Certificate of Death (partial)

Harry was the son of Andreas and Mary Jane (Dickinson) Schlectweg (Andreas of Germany, and Mary Jane of Northern Ireland), later Philadelphia.

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Department of Health
Vital Statistics
Certificate of Death

Primary District number: 80
File number: 39660

Place of Death: County of Philadelphia, City of Philadelphia, 3116 Rorer St
Usual Residence: Philadelphia, 3116 Rorer St, Ward 80
Is Residence Inside Municipality Limits: Yes
Is Residence at a Farm: No
Full Name of Deceased: HARRY SLACKWAY
Date of Death: 20 April 1959
Male.  White.
Widower: Full Name of Spouse: Mary Stout
Birth Date of Deceased: 1-2-10 [2 January 1870 (89-59=30)]
Age: 89 years
Birthplace: Pa.
Citizen of What Country: U.S.A.
Father's Name: ["unk"? = unknown]
Mother's Maiden Name: ["unk"?]
Usual Occupation: Wood Turner
Social Security No.: [blank]

Informant: Allen E. Slackway
Address: same

Cause of Death: Coronary Thrombosis
Interval Between Onset and Death: 4 months
Was Autopsy Performed: No
I hereby certify that I attended the above named deceased and that death occurred at 4:45 PM EST, from the causes and on the date above.
Signature: Samuel C. Polcino, 619 E Allegheny Ave, 20 April 1959

Burial: 23 April 1959, Ivy Hill [Cemetery], Philadelphia, Pa.
[Date stamped] APR 22 1959
Joseph A. Farrell
Funeral Director: H[arold] B. Mulligan, [11010 Knights Road, Philadelphia]

Source: Nancy Poserina, 6 April 2002. Pennsylvania Death Indices for 1959 has: SLACKWAY HARRY  89  PHILA  80  04/20/59  039660  [D-59 S].

Ivy Hill Cemetery Records

Name Maria E. Stout  Date Apr. 22-1890
Address  [blank]
Deed No. 1971  Lot No. 913  Sec. C.  Area 96
Perpetual Care | Annual Care  [unmarked]

Name of Deceased Address Age
Interment Date Grave No. Depth Size of Case
Gilford A. Stout Removed from Cumberland Vault Apr. 24-1890
Alvin D. Wilkinson 8 Jan. 25-1895
Agnes C. Stout 10 Nov. 23-1896 4 6
Gilford J. Stout 3 Sept 20-1902 4 on top
Henry A. Bettgar 7 Oct. 11-1903 1 8
Maria E. Bettgar 68 Jan 12-1916 2 8
Mary A. Slackway 61 Apr. 5-1935 2 on top
Harry H. Slackway 89 April 23, 1959 1 8

Craig, Finley & Co. Phila. | The Ivy Hill Cemetery

Graph of Slackway graves in Ivy Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia, 60 KB

Notes: In the 1910 U.S. Census there is an Elisabeth Bettgar whose relationship to head of household (namely, Harry Slackway) is stated as "mother-in-law" with an additional mark which appears to be "(X - of)". Possibly this is the Maria E. Bettgar, born about 1842 and buried in January 1916, although as possibly not.

Source: Ivy Hill Cemetery, Easton Road, P.O. Box 27307, Philadelphia, PA 19160. 13 October 2016.

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