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Locustwood Memorial Park

Pear trees in Locustwood Cemetery, 27 April 2016, 43 KB Lady statue in Locustwood Cemetery, 26 KB

Two pear trees in bloom in April, and a Lady statue, which I think alludes to Mary's words in the Gospel according to Luke, "Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord", in Locustwood Memorial Park. In the foreground are my grandparents' graves.

Locustwood Cemetery dates from 1903 and is open to all faiths. The cemetery's address is 1550 Route 70 West, Township of Cherry Hill, Camden County, New Jersey, 08002.

Map of Locustwood Cemetery

Map of Locustwood Memorial Park (Cemetery), 25 KB

The Graves of Ralph and Eleanor Angelo

The graves of Eleanor (née Becker) Angelo and her husband Ralph Angelo (Raffaele Angelillo of S. Angelo Alife) are in Section 8, Lot 21, grave Sites 1 & 2 (See the asterisk in Section 8 on the map above). The pear trees, if they are pear trees, are in the acute angle of Section 7 nearest the circle. The sketch map below gives some idea.

Map of Angelo graves in Locustwood Cemetery, 6 KB

The Gravestones

In mid-April 2016, I raised the gravestones to ground level, because they had sunk in the ground over the years (The cemetery is responsible for the gravestones only for the first 10 years). In earlier years the backing for the name plates was marble, but now granite is used. Standing with the four sweetgum trees to your back, the two flat headstones are from left to right Ralph Angelo and Eleanor Angelo.

Gravestone of Ralph Angelo (1888-1965), 21 KB
Ralph Angelo
16 August 1888 - 25 September 1965

Gravestone of Eleanor Angelo (1909-1985), 27 KB
Eleanor Angelo
19 March 1909 - 26 December 1985

Grave of Eleanor Angelo, Christmas, 1990s, 14 KB

One Winter in Locustwood

Left: A photograph from one Christmas in the late 1980s, early 1990s, when my father was still alive.

A note about my grandmother's religion, and about my singular name.

Below: From the gate of the new entrance on Cooper Landing Road to Locustwood Cemetery. I have not looked for locust trees in Locustwood. I don't know what the origin of the cemetery's name is.

Locustwood eastern gate, 27 May 2016, 16 KB Drawing of a locust tree showing its leaf pattern and fruit, 5 KB

Deer in Locustwood Cemetery, 4 September 2019

Deer in Locustwood Cemetery, Section 5, 4 September 2019, 29 KB

From what I have read, these are white-tailed deer. Their summer coats are reddish brown, but for winter their coats turn thick and gray.

The Masonic Feature of Locustwood Cemetery

The Masonic Feature in Section 2 of Locustwood Cemetery, Cherry Hill, New Jersey, 45 KB

In Section 2 of Locustwood Cemetery. Many gravestones in this section bear the Masonic symbol, although most do not.

Masonic symbol from a gravestone in Section 2 of Locustwood Cemetery, Cherry Hill, 15 KB

The symbol is the Masonic Square and Compasses with the letter 'G' inscribed. The square symbolizes moral uprightness, the compasses sound judgment, and the letter 'G' stands for God the Great Architect (Wm. Blake's Urizen, I'd say). Wilhelm Becker (1822-1901) of Baden, Germany, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was a Free Mason, of Meridian Sun Lodge No. 158 F. & A. M. in Philadelphia.

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