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Death Records of the Family of Wilhelm Becker

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Parish Register of
Saint Jacobus
German Lutheran Church

Circa 1855-circa 1954
3rd Street & Columbia Avenue
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Deaths 1901

Parish Register Vol. 2, Page 468, No. 36

Datum: 31 Dec [1901]
Name: Wilhelm Becker
sterb. [sterben, died]: 28 Dec [1901]
Geboren [born]: 4 Aug 1822

Source: Records held at the Lutheran Archives Center in Krauth Memorial Library, Lutheran Theological Seminary, Philadelphia.

Philadelphia City Archives

Death Register 1901

Book 2, Page 325 [Line 24]

Philadelphia Death Record for William Becker, 1901, 45 KB

Name of Deceased: Wm Becker
Ward 17
Street and No.: 1522 N. Mascher
Color: white
Sex: male
Age 79
Condition: married
Date of Death: Dec 29 [1901]
Cause of Death: Cancer of Stomach
Attending Physician: J. Lock
Occupation of Deceased: [not stated]
Where Born: Germany
Date of Burial: Dec 30 [1901]
Place of Burial: Glenwood

Return of a Death
in the City of Philadelphia.

[Document STAMPED] 13956

Physician's Certificate.

1. Name of Deceased, William Becker
2. Color, White
3. Sex, Male
4. Age, 79 years old
5. Married or Single, Married
6. Date of Death, Dec 29th 1901
7. Cause of Death, Cancer of Stomach
[Physician] John H. Lock
Residence, 2401 E. Huntingdon st

Undertaker's Certificate in Relation to Deceased.

8. Occupation, Butcher
9. Place of Birth, Germany
10. When a Minor, Name of Father, / Name of Mother
11. Ward, 17th
12. Street and Number, 1522 No. Mascher St
13. Date of Burial, Dec 30th 1901
14. Place of Burial, Glenwood Cemetery
D.H. Bowen & Son Undertaker.
Residence, 873 So. 2nd St

[LEFT MARGIN] This constitutes one Certificate. To be returned, by the Superintendent of Cemetery, to Health Office, on Saturday of each week, before 12 M.

Obituaries for Wilhelm Becker and Margaret Kiehl Becker

Newspaper obituary for William Becker, 26 KB

Meridian Sun Lodge No. 158 F. & A. M. ["Free and Accepted Masons"] was a Masonic Lodge in Philadelphia, and so it seems that Wilhelm was a Free Mason. The explanation for the "Interment strictly private" of Margaret (née Kiehl) Becker's obituary may be that she was only buried 8 days after her death; this may be because her internment was delayed while Wilhelm's body was being transferred from old Glenwood Cemetery to Mt Peace Cemetery, where they are now buried.

Newspaper obituary for Margaret (Kiehl) Becker, 27 KB

Source. Wilhelm Becker: The Philadelphia Inquirer (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), 31 December 1901, Tuesday, page 12. Margaret (née Kiehl) Becker: The Philadelphia Inquirer (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) 22 February 1916, Tuesday, page 6. (Images courtesy of Bee from Baden)

Mount Peace Cemetery

3111 West Lehigh Avenue, Philadelphia
Section U, Lot 183, Grave 1st & 2nd West
(14 walk 8 lot right)
Deed 4838 -- September 15, 1902
Owner: Mrs. Margaret Steinmetz
[Sketch map of Mt. Peace Cemetery showing the location of the graves]

1st interment: March 28, 1916 Name: Becker, William
Age: adult
From Glenwood Cemetery

2nd interment: March 28, 1916
from Grom Vault: 24 February 1916
Name: Becker, Margaret
Age: adult

3rd Grave
Name: Wm Steinmetz
Age: adult
Interred: 28 March 1916
From Glenwood Cemetery

Name: Margaret Steinmetz
Age: 83
Cause of Death: Coronary Occlusion
Interred: 12 November

Note: there is no grave-marker on these graves.

Old Glenwood Cemetery [Philadelphia] Registers

Date of Burial Name of Deceased Age Notes
Section C
Lots 356-357
2nd Grave
27 January 1891 Wm J. Steinmetz 26 yrs Removed 28 March 1916 to Mt. Peace Cemetery [Philadelphia City]
Section C
Lots 356-357
3rd Grave
31 December 1901 William Becker 79 yrs Removed 28 March 1916 to Mt. Peace Cemetery [Philadelphia City]

Disease:  Cancer of Stomach
Section C
Lots 356-357
4th Grave
25 December 1860 Susan Becker 3 yrs Removed January 1924 to Section J, Lot No. 65, 3rd Grave

Source for Old Glenwood records: Mrs. McCarthy - Glenwood Memorial Gardens, September-October 1995.

Important Note: Glenwood Cemetery Glenwood Memorial Gardens. Glenwood Cemetery was in North Philadelphia at Ridge Avenue and 27th Street and began burials in 1850, but the city forced it to close and its graves were transferred outside the city to Broomall, Delaware County, Pennsylvania, although this was not until 1938. Thus anyone buried in Glenwood before February 1924 had to have originally been buried in Philadelphia, because the Broomall location did not open until that date.

Map of Glenwood Memorial Gardens

in Broomall, Delaware County, Pennsylvania

Map of Glenwood Memorial Gardens cemetery, Broomall, Pennsylvania, 20 KB

Philadelphia City Archives

Death Register 1860

Reel 1, File 2, Page 151, Line 13

Name: Susanna M. Becker
Age: 3 and 11/12 yrs
Date of Certificate: 24 December 1860
Date of Registration: 31 December 1860
Date of Death: 23 December 1860
Cause of Death: Scarlatina
Attending Physician: A.W. Griffiths
Place of Birth: Philadelphia
When a Minor, Name of Father and Mother:
William + Margaret Becker
Ward 17
Street and No: 1522 N. Mascher St
Date of Burial: 25 December 1860
Place of Burial: Glenwood Cemetery

Pennsylvania Department of Health

Certificate of Death

Place of Death: Germantown Dispensary and Hospital, Philadelphia
Length of Stay: 23 days
In this Community: 83 yrs in Philadelphia
Usual Residence: 2754 Cheltenham Ave
Full Name of Deceased: MARGARET C. STEINMETZ
Female. White.
Widowed: Name of husband: William Steinmetz
Birth Date of Deceased: 9 Sept 1865
Age 83 yrs, 2 months, 0 days
Birthplace: Philadelphia, Pa.
Usual Occupation: Housewife
Father's Name: William BECKER
Birthplace: Baden Baden Germany
Mother's Maiden Name: Barbara KIEHL Becker
Birthplace: France
Informant: Florence S. LANARD, 2754 Cheltenham Ave
Burial: 12 November 1948, Mt Peace Cemetery
Funeral Director: L. Dimmcola, 2127 N. Broad -- 22[nd Ward]


Date of Death: 9 November 1948
I attended deceased from 16 October 1948 to 9 November 1948. Immediate Cause of Death: Coronary Occlusion. Due to: Generalized Arteriosclerosis. Other Conditions: Cholelithiasis ascending Cholangitis.
Signature: Crawford S. Brown. M.D., 9 November 1948
Germantown Hospital, Philadelphia, Pa.

Florence (Steinmetz) Lanard

About Florence there are the 1900 and 1910 U.S. Census records. For her death, there is United States Social Security Death Index, which states that Florence Lanard, born 26 Feb 1887 in Pennsylvania, whose last place of residence was Parkesburg, Chester, Pennsylvania, (Previous Residence Postal Code: 19365 [Parkesburg, Chester County]), died in Jul 1976.

There is a gravestone in Mt Peace Cemetery, Philadelphia, with the following names and dates engraved beneath the family name LANARD.

The 1920 U.S. Census for August D. LANARD and Florence (Steinmetz) identifies them as husband and wife with two children (Their four-year old son is named "Francis"). And so from this gravestone it may be conjectured that Francis and Clara were the parents of August D. LANARD. The 1936 Pennsylvania Death Index [D-36 K-L] has the following entry.

563 August D Lanard 89346
  Phila 10/16

Edward Steinmetz

About Edward, the younger brother of Florence (Steinmetz), there are the 1900, 1910, 1920 and 1930 U.S. Census records. For his death, there is United States Social Security Death Index, which states that Edward Steinmetz, born 14 Jun 1890 in Pennsylvania, whose last place of residence was Montgomery, Pennsylvania, (Previous Residence Postal Code: 19046 [Borough of Jenkintown, Montgomery County]), died in Nov 1979.

Saint Jacobus German Lutheran Church

Deaths 1891

Parish Resister Vol. 2, Page 432, No. 713

Datum: 27 Jan [1891]
Name: Steinmetz, William J.
sterb. [sterben, died]: 23 Jan [1891]
Alter [age]: 26.3.21
Geboren [born]: 2 Oct 1864 Philadelphia
Gottesacker [churchyard]: Glenwood

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